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Where to Get Drinks In New York City

So, I'm going to be straight with you all here: most of these spots are places I went to dates on. By default, I have zero photos of most of these places, as I wasn't going to blow my cover and continue to pretend I wasn't a content creator on the internet. Also like, taking a photo of my drinks or the ambiance wasn't exactly my first priority in, uh, literally all of these situations. Fear not though, I have a few shots from non-date visits to these spots but just know that basically most of these spots were great for drinks, some with male suitors, some with pals, and some for both!

But, just for you saucy gals or any guys that might come across this post, I will denote all date spots for ~ research ~ purposes. ;)

Where: This is a cute little spot in Nolita at 200 Mott Street!

What to drink: I've had their aperol spritzes enough times to know that I love and adore them entirely too much. 

Why: This place is great to hit up with a few friends if you just want a few drinks, but I also had a nice, albiet fairly unsuccessful date here. You can sit outside when it's nice out to get some fresh-ish air (it is New York City afterall) or grab a small table inside and chill. Plus, they do serve food which is nice if that's what you're looking for!

Where: This place is another spot in the East Village at 222 Avenue B. Don't be fooled though, it's coffee shop by day and cool, chill bar at night.

What to drink: I think I just ordered a bunch of vodka sodas (my go to drink, especially on dates), but I went with a guy who made me step out of my comfort zone and drink something other than just vodka sodas so I think I got their Dark and Stormy drink too which wasn't terrible, even as somebody who doesn't love rum.

Why: I was taken here on two dates with two separate guys and it seemed like a lot of people in their were coupled off so my guess is that it's just a good casual date spot. It's not super stuffy but it's also not a dive bar either.

Where: You can find this spot at 294 3rd Avenue in Nomad! 

What to drink: I got their cocktail The One With the Gin & Rose which was kind of just like an aperol spritz but better and I'm now realizing the name of this is definitely a play on of the Friends episode titles.

Why: I think this is another first date spot. Unfortunately, this was not a good date, but at least I discovered a good bar out of it!

Where: This is located on 50 Bowery in Chinatown, as part of Hotel 50 Bowery. 

What to drink: I enjoyed some aperol spritzes while basking in the view!

Why: Rooftop season is admittedly the best season in New York City. It's expensive, for sure, but well worth it for the view and great times while they last before winter takes over!

Where: This is a spot in Bushwick at 40 Bogart Street, a short little ways off of the Morgan Avenue L stop.

What to drink: I stuck to vodka sodas the couple of times I've been there and was never let down. And trust me, while it's kind of hard to fuck up a vodka soda, I've had a few over the years that I didn't concoct and they were rough to say the least.

Why: Once again, I was taken here by two separate people and both times were super fun. It's massive, but uber casual and no fuss. They play old movies on the walls, which can be fun, though they're kind of obscure and I have no idea what's going on. They also do karaoke nights and I once stayed until like, 1am with a guy because we were so entertained by the, uh, talent that we couldn't get ourselves to leave.

Where: Literally around the corner from Syndicated at 261 Moore Street in Bushwick. 

What to drink: Y'all, I just got the vodka sodas again, I'm a simple gal who doesn't mind her drinks served out of plastic cups!

Why: So this is more of a summer recommendation, but this was also part of a miniature bar hopping date (Yours Sincerely to Roberta's to Syndicated). There are a ton of seats and picnic tables set up outside in the back area of this iconic pizza spot and it was just a fun spot to hit on a date but I think would be equally fun with friends who were willing enough to go to Bushwick with you even if you're the only one who lives in Brooklyn.

Where: We have another East Williamsburg spot for you at 990 Metropolitan Avenue! 

What to drink: I don't drink beer, but they have something called the South Hill Cider that is so fucking good that I actually have dreams about it sometimes.

Why: This is a chill spot that I was introduced to by Austen and have since been with friends and a date because it just has a great atmosphere and good selection for beer lovers. 

Where: This is another Bushwick spot (can you tell that I try to exclusively date Brooklyn boys?) at 41 Wilson Avenue off of the Morgan Avenue L kind of (it's like a ten minute walk, but who's counting?).

What to drink: Just like my obsession with avocado toast, I tend to get the same thing: vodka sodas. Whoops!

Why: This was another lowkey but still cool spot to grab drinks on a date. Plus, they serve their drinks out of beakers, which is dope. I would also like to note that I forgot the word "beaker" and Googled "glass lab cups" in hopes of jogging my memory. Kind of a deep cut unless you live in Brooklyn, but hey, if you're a fellow Brooklyn-ite or don't mind a trip into Bushwick, here's a new spot for you.

Where: There are two locations, though I frequent the location in Williamsburg at 200 North 14th Street and not the Long Island City location at 10-22 46th Avenue. 

What to drink: I'm pretty sure I just got whatever their canned cider was because it's like $6 or something and wasn't half bad.

Why: This place isn't, like, nice. But it's fun and they play good music and if you're into bowling and/or cheap drinks without the fuss of a fancier place and a young crowd, here ya go! I went here on a date once to bowl and play pool (I sucked at both), but also went back with my friends and had an even better time.

Where: This spot is in what I guess is referred to as the Bowery 'hood at 40 East 4th Street.

What to drink: I've enjoyed quite a bit of rosé here (couldn't tell you what, I didn't order it) to enjoy on their patio, but also went back to their front bar and got an Aperol Spritz because I am a simple girl who likes her fun summer drinks! 

Why: I love getting drinks outside during the summer, it's fun and enjoyable and I much prefer it to getting drinks during the winter time. This spot has a super cute garden and patio area to enjoy drinks and conversations with your gal pals. We also had a small happy hour even at work for some influencers who were attending an event through us and it was a great spot to chat and mingle with the girls!

Where: This is...I have no idea where this is. Maybe it's Williamsburg, maybe it's Greenpoint, regardless it's right under the BQE at 667 Lorimer Street on the corner of Meeker Avenue. 

What to drink: I have two words for you: frozen margaritas. I had one and I walked home in zig-zags in my heeled mules.

Why: This is another Brooklyn spot Austen introduced me to as my Williamsburg guru. They have a super cute small rooftop that's much more chill than the occasionally way too facny rooftops you're going to find in Manhattan or even closer to the water in Brooklyn. It's not super high up with a spectacular view, but it's sweet and no-fuss, which deserves two thumbs up in my book

Lucky Dog

Where: This another Williamsburg spot you can find at 303 Bedford Avenue.

What to drink: I've done their vodka sodas and gin and tonics before, I even spilled a full vodka soda on myself there whilst on a date, so that was cool!

Why: This is definitely on the more chill spectrum of bars to hit up. It's dog friendly, has shuffleboard which is more fun that I thought it'd be, and it has an outdoor patio to enjoy during the summer months. I've been on a date and with friends and both were enjoyable experiences. Plus, did I mention DOGS ARE ALLOWED?!


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