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Where to Get Coffee In New York City

I am a caffeine fanatic, or should I say, franatic? Okay, I think I just lost 90% of you after that joke, including my mother, so if you decided to bear with me on this one, thank you.

Coffee and lattes and matcha and everything in between keep me going in my everyday life and I don't know what I would do without it all to be quite honest. I mean, I'd be living with a massive headache every day due to my addiction, that's for sure, but I'm sure all of my happiness and joy would be drained as well.

I wish I had the time and money to explore all of the coffee hot spots around the city, but there's so much to do with so little time and I'm just trying to do my best. Here are all of the spots that I've frequented that have made me smile and been just all around adorable and caffeine heaven.

Where: You can find this cute lil spot in Astoria at  3704 30th Avenue!

What to drink: I got their flat white and it was glorious and just strong enough on a very, very chilly winter day!

Why: If you don't feel like being in Manhattan or Brooklyn, this spot is adorable, wasn't very crowded when I went, and they have a patio area in the back for when the weather starts to warm up!

Where: There are quite a few different locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn. There's on in Chelsea, Bushwick, Greenpoint, the Upper East Side, and my usual location on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg.

What to drink: Their iced coffee is my jam all year round, but they also do nice lattes and their hot coffee is delicious too! They also have nice little baked goods as well!

Why: The atmosphere is super chill and no-fuss and everyone is uber nice, which makes the happy experience of getting coffee even better. Plus, if you ever need to work there or just want to sit and read, I've never not been able to find a seat!

Where: This new spot is in East Williamsburg at 867 Metropolitan Avenue!

What to drink: I liked their iced latte and iced matcha!

Why: It has a separate seating area that's pretty spacious and never overly crowded. Plus, they have good playlists if you're into the kind of music I am. Their wifi is also fast and reliable which I appreciate when it comes to working out of coffee shops. Some have let me down recently!

Where: There are a few different locations in Midtown, Chelsea/Flatiron, Greenwich Village, SoHo, FiDi, and Williamsburg. I like the Williamsburg, SoHo, and surprisingly, Midtown locations!

What to drink: I like their iced matcha! 

Why: I know this is technically a place for food, but I like coming here to get matcha and chill and get some reading done or hang out with peeps, ya know? 

Where: There are three different locations in Chelsea, Hudson Square, and Flatiron but I like the Chelsea location.

What to drink: I'm pretty sure I stuck to an iced plain or vanilla latte and it was glorious!

Why: I don't have too much to say here besides it was good, quick, and a five-minute walk from the place I used to stay in Chelsea!

Where: This guy is down in Crown Heights at 764A Franklin Avenue!

What to drink: I got their regular iced latte and it was lovely. 

Why: It had a decent amount of seating in the back and reliable wifi, so if you're one of those people who works from home permanently or just sometimes, you should hit it up!

Where: Like many others on this list, there are multiple locations for Maman in SoHo, Tribeca, Nomad, Meatpacking, Greenpoint, and Hudson!

What to drink: The had a lavender latte that spoke to me, guys. IT SPOKE TO ME! 

Why: This place is Instagrammable af and I'm not even afraid to admit it. Plus, their chocolate chip cookies are life changing and honestly I can't think of two more important reasons to go somewhere. 

Where: There's a location at 240 Sullivan Street, but I like the spot at 159 Second Avenue!

What to drink: It's going to take me forever to spell this, but ya bitch loves a good cappuccino. 

Why: It's cute, it's small, it's warm, and it's in my favorite neighborhood in the city. What more could you want?

Where: So, there's Blank Slate Coffe + Kitchen at 121 Madison Avenue, but I like the super pink Blank Slate Tea spot next door at the same address. 

What to drink: I've had their Lavender Fog Latte and Rose Matcha Latte and both were divine and Instagrammable as hell, which was much appreciated.

Why: This place is just plain old adorable. Everything is super pink and my aesthetic and it's a great place to go with friends and hang out someplace mega cute and fun!

Where: This is right across the street from my favorite place in the entire city, Veselka, at 307 East 9th Street!

What to drink: I got some sort of latte last time and while I can't remember exactly which flavor, I just know it was delicious and dairy-free and my stomach and entire being were beyond happy!

Why: This place is definitely like an evening spot for me because it's kind of dark and moody, but it's the best place to follow up your meal at Veselka with or to just sit and chat and have late evening caffeine with pals! 

Where: This is another Williamsburg gem at 336A Graham Avenue!

What to drink: Their iced chai lattes are absolutely divine! I also know this isn't coffee but like, their acai smoothies are also incredible alright thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!

Why: Austen introduced me to this place and it's perfect for picking up for on the go or sitting in the back to get some work done. It's never been super crowded or full when I've gone which makes it the perfect WFH without being at home environment!

Where: Okay okay, yes there are multiple locations of this too. There's one in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Park Slope!

What to drink: Their cold brew took me to church, whatever that means. Also, not a drink but their Hot Chocolate Cookies are out of this world and I just needed everyone to know.

Why: Okay, so I specifically went to their Greenpoint location and it's cute and small and the perfect place to chill or read but it's also right next to the water so you can grab your stuff to go and look at a gorgeous view of Manhattan and the water and DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT I DON'T THINK SO!

Cha Cha Matcha

Where: There are two locations, one in Nolita/SoHo (idk man) and another in Chelsea I guess? But I also feel like there's one down on Mulberry in like SoHo/NoHo? IDK IDK IDK THIS POST IS NOT INFORMATIVE! 

What to drink: MATCHA! Iced matcha! Hot matcha! ALL THE MATCHA! Also their matcha "dossants" (it's a cronut) are incredible. Again, not a drink, but hey, still felt important to mention.

Why: If you want to be a trendy bitch, you know what you gotta do guys.


Where: There's a location in Chelsea on West 15th but I go to the MatchaBar 

What to drink: Almond Matcha Latte or Rose Matcha Latte alllllll the way!

Why: This place brings me immense amounts of happiness and is my favorite matcha in the city thus far. It's my Friday tradition to go and get a latte and sometimes a little sweet treat if I'm really feeling up to it!


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