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Hello, it's me. Francesca, not Adele.

Thanks for stumbling across my blog, whether you were looking for unsolicited advice on fashion and beauty or my trials and tribulations with the ever so stressful world of fauxdulting (you know, that time where you're technically an adult but can barely take care of yourself but hey, at least you're still standing!)

I went to school in Cleveland and studied journalism, which you can probably not tell by my excessive use of exclamation points, abbreviations, and hashtags where hashtags don't count. Currently based out of New York City, so shoutout to myself to making that childhood dream come true. I have aspirations of being a dog mom to a pug named Bark Ruffalo and marrying one of the eligible members of One Direction.

I like long walks through Sephora, quoting old Vines (RIP), crying over my bank statements, and pretending I'm competing in a lip sync battle. I watch a lot of YouTube and talk a lot and much too fast. I blame it on my huge family and for growing up watching Gilmore Girls. Follow me on social media for dumb tweets that I think are funny and even more Vine references.

If you want to get in touch with me, just shoot an e-mail over to Or, you know, just look in a mirror and say "pumpkin spice latte" three times and I will appear.

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