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Where to Brunch In New York City + Welcome to New York City Week

You read that title right: this is day one of New York City week. For one week and one week only because I'm already stressed about this and I'm only on post one, I'm going to be sharing my top picks in different categories to celebrate my one week in New York City. Yes, I discovered some of these well before I moved to the city, but hey, that doesn't mean I've stopped going! This, in theory, should be better organized by different areas of the city, different types of cuisine, ranked by their "Instagrammabality" or something like that. But instead, I'm just throwing them in here. If you want better more organized lists that actually make sense, Austen Tosone does great NYC neighborhood guides that I refer to every single time I think I'm ready to go somewhere new before somehow ending up at the same place yet again.

So without further ado, day one of NYC week is all about...brunches. I've talked about all of these spots time and time again (and will link those posts when applicable) but honestly, who doesn't love a good brunch? I know I do and will never stop my obsession with the glorious weekend activity that is brunch!

Where: There are two Manhattan locations with one on 401 West 25th Street in Chelsea and another newer location on 362 2nd Avenue near Gramercy.

What to eat: I, as per usual, got their version of the avocado toast (Smashing Avocado, I believe they called it or something like that). Do I hate that I spent $15 on the toast and spent an extra $2.50 on a poached egg? Of course. Would I do it again? Come on, that's a rhetorical question. For that spread? Absolutely!

What to drink: I liked my hot latte so much that I spilled it on my white dress that day!

Why: If you like Australian accents, this is the place for you. Did I fall in love very briefly with the host that spoke about five words to me? You fucking betcha.

Where: You can find me longingly walking past this place every weekday while I walk to work from the first stop in Manhattan off of the L, right on the corner of 2nd Avenue and East 9th street. More specifically, the address is 144 2nd Avenue in the East Village.

What to eat: Literally everything and anything. However, for brunch specifically (because you know they're going to be coming up again later in the week), I will always splurge for a potato pancake no matter what else I order. I'm not even one for sandwiches on bagels (I prefer croissants, they're less heavy), I got their Fried Egg Sandwich with sausage on a bagel and thought I died and went to heaven. Word on the street is that they have great pancakes too, which I'm keen on trying out very, very soon.

What to drink: Can't go wrong with traditional coffee, but I did take advantage of the fact that they have mimosas. 

Why: This place is an institution and I will never not take every possible opportunity to go there. You have to seize the day when it comes to this place. If it ever closes, I think a piece of my soul will disappear along with it. 

Where: This place is located in an area where Google Maps doesn't even tell me to take the subway from my little coup up in Greenpoint/Williamsburg/I have no idea where the fucking neighborhood lines are. It's at 348 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, but you can't miss it with the line outside on the weekends! 

What to eat: You already fucking know I'm going to recommend the avocado toast, so why would I even expose myself like that? I also got their home fries though and died and went to heaven. I'm a slut for potatoes, what can I say?

What to drink: I have three words and fifteen letters for you: iced matcha latte.

Why: I wanted to feel cool and trendy when I went there (and met up with Gabby for the first time, #memories) and I did just that. The wait was kind of long but also very worth it. Plus, I've heard this place is just great in general, even not for brunch so...check it out, homies. 

Where: I've had the pleasure at dining at both locations of Egg Shop a few times. I tend to hit up the Williamsburg location more often than not due to its close-ish proximity to my apartment at 138 North 8th Street, but there's also a location near my office in Nolita at 151 Elizabeth Street. 

What to eat: Take a shot every time I mention avocado toast in this post if you want to get alcohol poisoning very, very quickly. I love their Avo & Egg though, what's a girl to do? However, their hashbrowns are fucking out of this world and completely worth their insane price tag for what they are. They're basically thicc ass potato pancakes with the ever so coveted two c's.

What to drink: It depends on my mood! If I'm not feeling like alcohol that day, their hot flat white was delightful. But if I'm feeling like Trashcesca that day, their Blood Orange mimosa speaks to me!

Why: I like to feel trendy and cool as often as possible and while I'm sure I'm late on the Egg Shop train by quite a few years, I don't care. This place is cute and one day I will branch out and try something new after I figure out how to order something there sans cheese without sounding like a total idiot or ruining my meal!

Where: You can find this cool and casual spot on the cusp of SoHo and Greenwich Village at 100 West Houston Street. Don't confuse this place with The Jane Hotel in the West Village though (even if their restaurant Old Rose is also very good).

What to eat: I debated heavily when we were there and almost (seriously, almost) ordered a breakfast sandwich and then backed out last minute to get...avocado toast. THIS POST IS SO EMBARRASSING, WHY AM I EXPOSING MYSELF SO WILLINGLY LIKE THIS. If it makes you feel any better, I did split their rosemary fries with Erin and they were fantastic.

What to drink: I just got their regular coffee and it was fine in my book! 

Why: This place was no fuss, the kind of cool casual where you definitely didn't have to try to super hard but also wasn't a super sketchy diner that made you worried about the status of your stomach after. It didn't feel overly bougie, but felt super comfortable and like a staple neighborhood spot for the locals.

Le Barricou

Where: We have another Brooklyn spot coming at you at 533 Grand Street in East Williamsburg! 

What to eat: I got their french toast and couldn't even finish it, that's how hearty it was. It was some thick ass bread that was caramelized and had a delicious assortment of fresh berries on top. I was happy as a clam, let me tell you. Still toast, but at least not of the avocado sorts this time! 

What to drink: I think I got some sort of latte, I'm sure. I actually don't remember but I definitely finished it so that's a good sign in my book!

Why: If you're into French culture and all that stuff (I'm not, admittedly, as I work for a French company has lost all of its appeal hah), then this could be your spot! Or, if you just want to switch it up and live in the Williamsburg/East Williamsburg/Bushwick area and want a place that's off the beaten path, now you know of one new spot!

Where: There are a few different locations in New York City to hit up. I've personally only frequented the Nolita location on 19 Kenmare Street (kiddie corner from the Egg Shop location down there and down the street from the Instagram hotspot Pietro Nolita and some dope ass bagels from Black Seed), but there's also a Williamsburg location at 271 Metropolitan Avenue and a spot in the West Village at 581 Hudson Street.

What to eat: I think the pictures will answer this question for you. I get different variations of the Smashed Avocado Toast and Roasted Potato Hash (I think I got the lunch version once instead of the breakfast/brunch version). 

What to drink: I haven't taken advantage of any of their other selections of drinks yet, but their Iced Matcha Latte and regular Cold Brew were both delicious in my book. Except they use paper straws which I find super vile. Good for the environment, I understand, but disgusting when they dissolve in your drink. I'll just use my glass regularly and bypass the papery pulp in my mouth.

Why: Honestly, if you just want to feel basic and like you're not eating terribly, this spot is killer. Plus, the aesthetics are on point, especially at their Nolita location!

West 3rd Common

Where: This is a super unassuming spot in Greenwich Village at 1 West 3rd Street (hence the name).

What to eat: I got their pancake tacos and I think they were delicious but I was also, uh, como se dice incredibly intoxicated by the time they arrived.

What to drink: They do four-hour bottomless drinks, with up to two hours seated and then the other two hours at the bar area. I can't count how many mimosas I had, but I can tell you that the ones I could actually taste were great!

Why: This is very simple: if you want to get fucked up at brunch without spending an arm and a leg and love a casual atmosphere without the fuss of the occasional bougieness of NYC brunch spots, this is the place for you. It spoke to my soul and allowed me to give the best karaoke performances of my life after.

Where: If you want to feel like you're living your best Russian Doll life, head down to the East Village, specifically at 103 Avenue B.

What to eat: I got their Brioche French Toast and it was so delicious but deceptively filling. I probably ate too fast because I got full before I could finish the glorious piece of toast slathered in Nutella but was hungry again shortly after and regretted not eating the full thing. If ever presented the question "Should I finish this beautiful french toast with Nutella and fresh berries?" I suggest that your answer always be yes.

What to drink: They had decent bottomless drinks options, I believe, but I opted for the bottomless coffee instead and didn't regret a thing!

Why: My friends and I had a glorious relaxed brunch and this place could definitely occupy larger parties, as there was a Last Supper-esque situation happening next to us. This place is cash only though, which threw us for a loop, but there is an ATM across the street if you forget cash like we did mostly because we had no idea. Such is life!


  1. Congratulations on one year in the city!!! All of these places look amazing, and make me want to go to NYC. Putting these on my go-to list right now!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  2. oh my, I'm in trouble. I want all the avocado toast. and all the bottomless mimosas!


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