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Where to Eat In New York City


I am a creature of habit when it comes to many things in my life, I'll be the first, second, and third to admit it. So, when it comes to restaurants in the city, well, I tend to frequent the same ones more often than not because they're reliable and come on, who could pass up pierogi and potato pancakes from Veselka on a regular basis? I certainly cannot! I've tried to step out of my comfort zone as often as possible, so here's a pretty unorganized post that I tried to kind of organize as much as I could but let's be real, I didn't know this post was happening until two weeks ago so from this day forward, all well lit meals shall be photographed just in case posts like this happen again and I want them to look like, como se dice not garbage?

Let's be real though, is it really a Francesca production if it's not at least a little trashy? I don't think so!

Where: This little Soho gem is at 222 Lafayette Street right next to Jack's Wife Freda so if you don't feel like waiting in line there, you have your new lunch or dinner spot!

What to eat: Their Chicken and Ginger Rice Bowls give me absolute life and I've yet to be disappointed by one. Also, this isn't food but their Swimming Pool cocktail is absolutely fantastic and I think about it more often than someone should think about a drink. 

Why: If you work in the area, this is the perfect lunch spot when you don't want to just grab Sweetgreen or Cava but also don't want to wait insane amounts of time to be seated. Plus, they have a nice little tiny patio area in the front with a few tables for the warmer days if you fancy sitting outside! 

Where: This is another Soho spot (obviously, hence the name) that's great for lunch or a nice quick bite after work at 141 Grand Street.

What to eat: I've heard great things about their Pad See Ew, but I get their typical Thai Fried Rice with chicken. They also have a great lunch special with a soft beverage or tea, spring rolls, and then your dish for $13 which is a steal as far as I'm concerned!

Why: It's no fuss, great food, fast service, and really great for lunch when you didn't feel like bringing it but also don't just want a salad, much like Bocaphe.


Where: I have no idea what this neighborhood is actually considered, but it's at 48 Carmine Street!

What to eat: Pad See Ew! Pad See Ew! I got it with chicken there and it was great and then Emily (who introduced me to this spot) told me it tastes even better with beef so I was questioning all of my life choices but I did like the chicken and I was beyond pleased! 

Why: Again with the whole no fuss thing. We went on a random weekend afternoon so it was pretty chill but the service was fast, the food was hot, and I left a happy little camper.

Where: Let's kick it back to Brooklyn and talk about this East Williamsburg spot at 299-301 Graham Avenue!

What to eat: Pad See Ew with beef! I've been on a Pad See Ew kick recently, it's been kind of an issue but it's also the food I learned how to use chopsticks with so it has a special place in my uncultured heart! They also have good veggie spring rolls too, can't forget those!

Why: One of my old co-workers had recommended this place to me and I kept putting off trying it because I've had bad experiences with fried rice lately and then I discovered that I liked Pad See Ew and knew it was time to give it a chance and was not disappointed! 

Where: I think this might be considered the East Village but I don't know, ask who designed the neighborhood maps! Regardless, it's a tiny, unassuming spot at 246 East 14th Street off of 2nd Avenue.

What to eat: I know it's not technically food, but if you're of legal drinking age and enjoy drinking and do not get their frozen margaritas, you're a FOOL. I'm pretty sure I just got the chicken tacos but by the time I had my food, I'd chugged a couple of margaritas which is my ideal situation.

Why: I have two words for you: strong margaritas. Also four more words: free chips and salsa. This place has good vibes and I'm a fan, man. I'm a fan!

Where: You know me, loving up on spots with multiple locations for convenience. There's a Dos Caminos in Meatpacking, on Park Avenue, Soho, Third Avenue, and Times Square. I've been to the Meatpacking and Soho locations if you were at all curious!

What to eat: Their Asada Tacos changed my life, I'm pretty sure. My mom also got their chicken taquitos and my god were those the most bougie taquitos I've ever tried. They also have a "taco duo" for their happy hour which is a chicken and pork taco and to say I died and went to heaven after both of them would be an understatement.

Why: It's a great spot to go with friends or a group, especially for happy hour! I went with my parents too and I recall them being pretty impressed. Though, by the time we got there we were hangry as hell so who knows.

Where: Another lovely New York Mexican chain that I appear to frequent. There are locations near the Empire State Building, Flatiron, Nolita, Bleecker Street, and Fort Greene.

What to eat: Chicken tacos! Barbacoa tacos! Chips and guacamole! Elote! Rice and beans! And to top it all off, have a glass or two or just a whole pitcher of their Rubio drink which is basically just like tequila and watermelon and is the most god damn refreshing alcoholic beverage I've ever had.

Why: Again, a great place for groups and friends! Or co-workers who might be feeling particularly spicy at a celebratory lunch or dinner!

Where: This is a Dumbo spot over at 57 Pearl Street near where the flea is set up down there!

What to eat: Ann Marie and I split the Four Kings pizza which is a white pizza with four cheeses and then HONEY on the top and I was skeptical and then ate my fucking words and half of this pizza it was so good.

Why: It's a cute spot and I always struggle to find food in Dumbo in general let alone food I can afford so! But beware, it is the dreaded cash only spot and if you're anything like me, you never have cash on you because you might also think that cash isn't actual money and it doesn't count when you spend it but it most certainly does!

Where: Not surprisingly, this spot is at 326 Roebling Street in Williamsburg!

What to eat: Their plain cheese pizza is so good that you won't need or want anything else!

Why: A massive 20" pie that can feed at least four people or yourself for three to four days for $18 )$28 including delivery and all of Postmates' fees and stuff)? HELL YEAH.

Where: There are a few different locations in the city including Williamsburg, Greenwich Village, Midtown, and Union Square/East Village area.

What to eat: Ya girl is a big fan of their cheese, pepperoni, and ricotta slices!

Why: This was my favorite pizza in the city before Roebling! It's delicious, not far from my apartment, and accepts credit cards basically if you get two slices or more so me and my cashless ass are a fan.

Where: Is it bad that I know this address by heart and didn't even have to look it up before writing this? It's on the corner of 2nd and 9th at 144 2nd Avenue.

What to eat: I love their potato and sweet potato pierogi with all of my being. Their potato pancakes and split pea soup also bring me great joy. And, though it's more of a breakfast/brunch thing, their sausage and egg sandwiches are fantastic!

Why: This is my favorite place in the entire city and I will never not take any and all of my out of town guests there that are willing to try out Ukranian food. Who could resist these pierogis? Seriously, who?

Where: There's a location in Greenwich Village, but I tend to frequent the spot on Mulberry in Little Italy!

What to eat: Any of their pastas with their garlic pecorino sauce will be the greatest decision you could ever make for yourself.

Why: I love pasta. So. Much. My love for pasta is eternal and any menu that let's you customize your pasta is a godsend in my book. 

Where: Another Little Italy spot at 168 Grand Street on the corner of Mulberry Street.

What to eat: Their plain Margherita Pizza and Cacio e Pepe are absolutely delicious!

Why: It's nice to have a few solid spots on Mulberry to avoid wandering up and down the street for extended periods of time trying to figure out what to eat when there's a restaurant every step.

Where: This is a neighborhood spot in Greenpoint/Williamsburg at 193 Frost Street.

What to eat: I got the Tortellini alla Panna and lost my mind the plate was so big and the sauce was so hot and lovely. My parents and I also split the Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse Cake and both were beyond delicious as well.

Why: From the outside and website, this place seems pretty unassuming but their food is incredible and affordable and you can tell it's well loved by the people in the neighborhood!

Where: Another Williamsburg spot coming at you at 366 Union Avenue.

What to eat: I'm a slut for good chicken tacos so you know what I get here! I also think I got a burrito bowl once but I was also probably a little buzzed off of their margaritas so who knows the truth!

Why: I'm biased, my uncle reads tarot their from time to time but it's a really cool spot with good margaritas and food and an adorable patio area when the weather is nice!

Where: This is a Soho spot at 110 Sixth Avenue and Watts Street!

What to eat: I got their chicken burrito and think I was full for days afterwards. I didn't even finish it but it was delicious! Also they have good mojitos which is more of a liquid diet than solid food but it felt important to note! 

Why: This place is an Instagram hot spot with actaully good food and drinks. What more could you ask for?

Where: This is a Nolita spot at 17 Prince Street on the corner! 

What to eat: I shockingly did not get tacos, but instead the Pollo Mirador which was delicious grilled chicken with spinach and rice and this delicious garlic sauce with a bit of a tang.

Why: Did my friends and I go because Harry Styles frequents Cafe Habana in LA? Maybe. Maybe not. But we stayed for the good food and frozen margaritas and that's all that matters!

Where: There are a few locations in Long Island City, Williamsburg, Lower East Side, and Prospect Heights!

What to eat: So I'm actually not a huge fried chicken fan or chicken and waffles fan, but their mac and cheese breathed life into me. 

Why: This is a cute spot and if you're super into chicken and waffles (more so than I am), then I think this will be something you should hit up!

Shanghai Dumpling (previously Shanghai Cafe)

Where: Coming at your with a spot in Chinatown at 100 Mott Street.

What to eat: Where to start? Get their soup dumplings and scallion pancakes for sure. We got some sort of fried noodles with chicken and broccoli which I think would be good over rice, by itself, literally on top of anything.

Why: This is another spot introduced to me by Emily and it is absolutely delicious! Antother place that's cash only but hey, you do what you gotta do for good food in the city!

Where: There's a spot in Soho, the Upper East Side, and the ever so dreaded Midtown.

What to eat: Literally any of their tacos. ANY OF THEM! Their chicken tortas are also delicious and super filling. I'll also go to bat for their chips and guac too!

Why: So I've not been to the actual hidden restaurant portion, but their counter food is good enough for me, if I'm being honest!

Where: This is actually the restaurant in the Jane Hotel at 113 Jane Street!

What to eat: Cacio e Pepe! Your girl loves pasta, what can I say? It's not food, but their White Star cocktail means everything to me.

Why: This place is 'grammable and adorable. I wouldn't do the hike over there if it wasn't good!

Where: This is a Hell's Kitchen spot and one of the only places I will go to Midtown for. You can find it at 420 (blaze it) West 49th Street. 

What to eat: To start with, you have to do their chips and guacamole and or their chicken nachos. Their Sopa de Elote is also delicious and I dream about it from time to time. For your meal, their tacos are fantastic, obviously. I'm also a big fan of Enchiladas de Pollo. If you're up for dessert, their Tres Leches is delicious as hell.

Why: I have four letters and one word for you: BYOB, BABY! It's a cash only spot but it's affordable and I can assure you that you will not leave hungry or sober if you bring a bottle of wine for yourself!


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