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Nobody Likes You When You're 23

It feels like every single year on my birthday, I try to get introspective and talk about all of the things I've learned in that many years. I've done this a couple of times but realistically, I haven't learned that many things. At least not enough to have a post that doesn't completely rip off my own posts and everyone else who does these. No tea, no shade, I love reading them, I'm just a stubborn SOB who learns far less than she probably should.

So I guess, in true Francesca fashion, we're going to use today as a good old fashion stream of consciousness post. every other post on this blog. My birthday is no longer important, I've decided. It gave me the excuse to go to karaoke twice this past weekend but other than that, I'm good!  I don't need a song sung to me or presents or any of the things that made me feel significant and older as a kid. It's not even that I don't want to be a year older even though I am actually sad not to be 22 anymore mostly because of the Taylor Swift song. 

In truth 22 was a weird year. It started off with me being really sad, and then getting hope, and then getting sad again, and then getting hope and then packing up and moving to NYC and then I've been chilling between content and SUPER FUCKING EXCITED for the past eight months. Let me tell you, that rollercoaster of emotions was tolling. But I'm here. And alive. And twenty-freaking-three!

I'm not really 100% sure what 23 has in store for me. Lord knows I'm going to end up testing myself somehow. I foresee a year of change. In what aspects, I don't know of course as I can't predict the future or read minds, even my own sometimes. Maybe I'll shed those residual layers of insecurity that stunt my growth in certain areas. Maybe I'll start doing like, yoga or something. Most likely not, but I' sure some of you got a good laugh out of that. Y'all know I'm too extra and Type A to properly do yoga. Is there a karaoke aerobics class I can participate in? That I can probably do...

I digress, 23 is gonna be something. It's going to be my first full "age" in New York City, which is weird to think about. I found my first apartment at 22 and will be moving out of my first apartment at 23. This whole like, age thing is wild. I'm the same person as I was yesterday but I won't be the same person in six months aside from the fact that I'll still probably be a piece of 1D trash. I think this would happen regardless of me technically turning a year older. Okay, not I think. I know. I'm a work in progress y'all. I am not in my final evolution. At best I'm probably still a Squirtle just trying to become a Wartotle. Did I just make a Pokemon reference? 

I think unless I actually decide to become a real piece of shit, the phrase "nobody likes you when you're 23" is just a lie from a pretty dope song. I'm not too fussed about it. Maybe I'll write my own song about 23 that's more positive so all of us basic bitches stop posting these song lyrics when we turn 23. Don't worry, just embrace the basic. If anything, that's the biggest thing I've learned at 22. Embrace the basic. Own it. People have given it a negative connotation for lord knows what but who cares? IDGAF, as Dua Lipa once sang, about a guy and not society but still...

I think this has been a sufficient stream of consciousness. Now I need to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and enjoy my birthday before I have to be at the airport at 5am tomorrow!

Sweater: Target
Jumpsuit: Bishop & Young
Tights: Target
Shoes: Kate Spade
Hat: Epoch
Lipstick: Urban Decay


  1. Love this jumpsuit and so glad we could celebrate your bday together!


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