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Street Diaries: I Cut My Hair Again

So, maybe this isn't the most newsworthy content but it happened and this is Life According to Francesca after all sooooo let's talk about it. I got a nice little trim and roots touch up last Saturday when I was home because it was about time that I got a trim and fixed my forever growing roots because I can't easily get them done in New York City, mostly because I refuse to pay city prices for anything hair related besides shampoo and conditioner and even then that hurts. 

There was once a time that I kept my hair long for about a five or six-year streak because it acted as my security blanket. I just sort of assumed that I wasn't really anything special without my hair. It was easier to take the ten to fifteen minutes to curl it and let it hang down past my boobs than it was to try to manage a shorter hair situation. Long hair suited me better anyway, I thought. Short hair wasn't really a good look on me. 

Aaaaaand then Taylor Swift came out with 1989 and cut her hair and started wearing NARS Dragon Girl consistently and I got my hair cut about a month later for the first time since I was a very early teen, shorter than I'd ever gone before. I always joke and say that 1989 changed my whole life and while an album almost entirely about Harry Styles would have some sort of effect on me, this was more personal for sure. I had a physical change in my outward appearance and also in my disposition in life. I can't really describe it but when I look back at it, a lot of stuff changed after that moment. 

But that's another story for another time! We're talking about my hair here!

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Ever since then, I've flip-flopped between having short and long hair. This is mainly because I can't afford to or conveniently get my hair cut regularly for trims because I lived in Cleveland for four years and my hairdresser is back at home and then also obviously for the same reason now except swap in New York City and its prices instead. I tend to follow the same pattern of growing it longer for the warmer months and then cutting it shorter for the end of fall and winter. While it seems like I should do the opposite, if I cut my hair too short, I can't throw it in a bun or a ponytail which are two of the only things that keep me from not perishing during a hot, humid New York summer. And then when it comes to winter, pffft who cares? If I have a hat, I'm happy. All my long hair does is get tangled in the wind and collect a lot of snow when I'm caught outside in a snowstorm.

I also am sure this happens to everyone because we all want what we don't have from time to time, but I tend to pine for whatever hairstyle I don't have at the moment. When my hair is long I always get bored of it and want to just chop it short again, or in this case at least just shorter. And then afer I cut my hair I'm usually just like, "Why couldn't I have just left this long, I have to put more effort in to get used to styling it again." It's a vivious cycle that I just cycle through yearly because, well, why not. In the grand scheme of things, hair is just hair and I will be okay with or without it at a certain length.

So, yes, I got a nice little trim and chopped off four or five inches last weekend and my hair feels lighter and infinitely more healthy. It kept getting tangled when I walked in New York and it was insanely painful to comb out (not to mention it kept breaking my hair off in the middle of strands and left me with super awkward frayed pieces and breakage on the bottom layer of hair. SMH New York! I figured cutting it might give my hair a chance and if not, your girl is exclusively traveling with a low ponytail in and will hope to god her curls last through it.

Sweater: Primark
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


  1. Love the feeling of even just a trim! And if you ever decide to go to the dark side (aka switch to a city salon) Spoke & Weal is the best and my colorist/stylist always comp new client's first visit ;)

  2. I love your haircut! I'm the same way; when my hair is long I want it short and vice versa. I cut mine in October and I'm so happy I did, it's so much easier to manage!



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