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How to Rewear Statement Sweaters

In case you missed it, I wear this sweater a lot. I mean, a lot a lot. When I was living at home, I kid you not, I wore this sweater almost every single second that I spent in the house. This translates to about 3 days worth of wear, if not four. Yeah. It was gross. I think my parents were probably concerned. In all fairness, it's very comfortable and made me feel like I was trying when I changed out of my pajamas into it paired with some black leggings. Fake it til you make it, right? Right?

I'm much less reliant on this sweater to make me feel like I'm doing something with my life nowadays, but I still reach for it fairly frequently. At least, frequently enough where I took note of it after accidentally wearing it two Fridays in a row to work. In my defense, I had zero intentions of wearing it when I took these photos. I was actually wearing a black tee, these black cigarettes trousers, my denim jacket, and a printed bandana tied around my neck. However, it was freezing in my office so I threw this on because I had plans of wearing it the next day after I stayed over at my uncle's apartment. Then I forgot to take it off before I took these photos with Emily and thus this outfit was born. I wore it the next week with a pair of jeans, I think. I actually don't remember, which is sad, considering that would have only been two days ago...

The issue with this sweater is that, you know, it has a giant fucking tiger on it. Now if that's not a statement sweater, I don't really know what is. Yes, it's tan, but guys, it's a tiger. It's unavoidable. It can't just blend into the crowd like my plain black turtleneck. It's in a league of its own.

But it's my favorite sweater, so I gotta figure out how to wear it as much as possible without people questioning whether or not (a) I have anything else in my wardrobe or (b) really easy access to a washing machine. Since I used to be obsessed with statement pieces, there are seriously easy ways to rewear them frequently without raising any questions. Which like, shouldn't matter because people should mind their own business. I digress...Mama Fran has your back on this one. For all of you who like to rewear pieces but don't necessarily want to be a full-on outfit repeater, I gotchu.

Dabble with different neutral bottoms

I've worn this sweater with the following: black cigarette pants, black culottes, black and white striped culottes, light blue denim, black denim, dark wash denim, black leggings (yep, you heard me!), black faux leather skirt, black vinyl skirt, and army green pants. Seriously, just switching up the bottoms can make all of the difference because then it literally is a whole new outfit. This is a duh moment but like, you know, don't be afraid to try it with things you've never tried it with before. Fashion is fun and experimental. If it doesn't look good then just take it off and go with your tried and true combo with it or find something else to wear.

Tuck it in/leave it out/do a French tuck

This is basically a styling tip straight from Tan France so are you going to argue with the legend? Seriously though, just tuck it in, leave it out if you usually wear it tucked in, or find a happy medium with the ever so versatile French tuck that I use on an almost daily basis because all of my tops are too big on me and the French tuck is the only way I can give myself a shape sometimes. 

Layer it on top of a dress

Now, admittedly, this is not something that I've personally done but I've seen it executed enough times on Instagram to feel confident that this is a viable option if you have the right silhouette of sweater and dress, you're good to go. It's all dependent on the length and size of the sweater as well as the cut of the dress. Is it body skimming? Does it flare? Is it a-line? You'll never know how it looks until you try it out!

Tie your hair back or leave it down

But Francesca...this has nothing to do with fashion? I mean, yes, that's correct. Obviously. But sometimes these little changes can affect the outfit. Wear your hair up, wear it down, wear braided pigtails, tie it back into a bun, whatever hairstyles you're able to do! Test 'em out, see if they suit you or the look!

Add some extra touches to your makeup

Okay, this is basically the same as hair but like also not really. Add some extra drama to your eyes, pop on a bold lipstick, whatever you're comfortable with. Just switch it up from your normal day-to-day look to spice it up and distract from the fact that yes you're wearing the same sweater and no you don't care.

Change up your accessories

This includes, but is not limited to: shoes, sunglasses, handbags, jewelry, hats, scarves, body glitter, just kidding about the body glitter, except you do you, this is no longer a list, I'm breaking all writing rules, but writing has no rules, and I'm going to end this now.  

Or like, you know, don't worry about it. Yes, it's a statement piece, but also you can do whatever you wanna do. Jordan from Daily Cup of JoJo did a whole experiment where she wore the same outfit to work every day for a week besides switching up her shoes and people didn't really catch on. Her conclusion? Shoes make the outfit, y'all. I suppose this depends on where you work but like...don't be afraid of outfit repeating. The Fashion Police is a lie made up by Hollywood, guys. You're not going ot be crucified for wearing the same thing, scout's honor.

Sweater: H&M
Pants: J.Crew
Shoes: Adidas
Sunglasses: Miu Miu


  1. I love this sweater! Glad you've found new ways to wear it because it's awesome.


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