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"There Wasn't a Gilmore Girls Episode for This"

It might not come as any surprise to you, but the title of today's blog post is indeed something that came straight from my mouth. I mean, how could it not? Who else in their right mind would reference Gilmore Girls so often? I'm not going to call it an issue, but it sure is something alright. 

I don't know what to do in situations about just about...well...most of the time. I just sort of, uh, wing it? For someone who relies so heavily on my agenda, to do list, and phone calendar, I sure as hell tackle certain things in the moment and, you know, hope for the best? Perhaps not the best method, but there are just things that I need to learn how to work out for myself. 

Realistically, as a 22-almost-23-year-old that has lived away from home essentially since she was 17, I probably should stop calling my mom for advice on literally every aspect of my life. No offense mom. I also should probably stop comparing things to an episode of Gilmore Girls

I'm not sure how often I reference Gilmore Girls in my real life to attach a scene to a moment in my life but my guess is that it happens inadvertently half of the time and I don't even realize it. So when things happen that I'm not equipped to handle, I just end up feeling like I'm lost in space or at the very least walking around the aisles aimlessly at Target while I try to find my mom when both of us forgot our cell phones but got separated because I went to the makeup aisle and she was looking at cereal.

Part of being young and, you know, mortal is the fact that I don't have answers to a lot of things. It's not even to say that I'm a hot mess who can't take care of herself even if that's only a quarter true and part of the reason why I'll never be able to own a dog...I digress, I'm not completely incapable of making decisions on my own. I can sometimes choose a lunch spot and pick an outfit out in the morning. It's the tough life decisions where I'm not really panicking but I'm also playing it way too cool while my insides feel like there are ten thousand tiny Francesca running around with their hands in the air while there's a huge fire and for some reason Ruben Studdard is there and no one knows why? 

Realistically, you gotta do through some shit in life, even if it's just like a tiny little measly pile instead of a sand dune (I apologize for this mental image, I regretted it the minute I wrote it but now it's here to stay). Sometimes it's job-related, sometimes it's friends, or significant others, or people who you want to be your significant others but things just aren't working out, or political factors, or an illness, or or or...

This could go on forever.

As much as I love the show, a Gilmore Girls marathon isn't going to solve all of my problems by giving me endless life lessons. It'll probably just make me forget and feel better and further instill the fact that I never want to date a Dean and that coffee might be the one beverage that makes the world go 'round and that sometimes you just need to order a lot of takeout but make sure you always save the leftovers and the power of rambling and–

I'll stop now.

This is just a post reminding me to be a little more responsible and maybe not seek advice from every possible place besides the innerworkings of my own brain. I can't be trusted by myself with everything, but certain things? I think I could take a chance. What's the worst that could happen, right?

Sweater: H&M
Pants: Primark
Shoes: Public Desire via ASOS
Sunglasses: Forever 21

We love a nice gust of wind that whips you in the face with your own hair. What a lovely feeling!


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