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My Favorite Workweek Lunch Spots Near SoHo

I specifically made this list "Favorite Lunch Spots Near SoHo" and not "In SoHo" was specifically so I could feature a restaurant that wasn't in SoHo but is nearby in Little Italy because it's just too good not to mention. How could I not? I'd be going against every essence of my Italian being. It would just be wrong!

I digress even if I never actually started in the first's post is pretty self-explanatory. I tend to just stay in the office and eat 99% of the time to save money but when I don't? You can bet I'm somewhere nearby picking up food. Though, more accurately, I'm getting sushi from Dean and Deluca but we won't put that on this list...

Where: 240 Lafayette Street but it has multiple locations!

What I Get: Kale caesar salad with agave-lime vinaigrette, air baked fries (half and half–half sweet potato, half regular fries), The Guac Burger with no aioli, mac and cheese (keep in mind that this is vegan mac and cheese so it tastes like vegan mac and cheese and is not nearly as happy as regular mac and cheese), lemon poppyseed muffin

What I Drink: Iced matcha latte

Where: 45 Spring Street but it also has a second location!

What I Get: Harissa falafel salad and the harissa falafel pita sandwich

Where: 222 Lafayette Street

What I Get: Chicken and ginger rice bowl (the drink Swimming Pool is also great for dinnertime, not entirely sure that it's work time lunch appropriate but...)

Where: 114 Kenmare Street but it also has multiple locations!

What I Get: Chicken tacos, chicken tortas, and the chips and guacamole

Where: 100 Kenmare Street but obviously has multiple locations!

What I Get: I haven't been since they've had the Spring Chicken salad so I guess whatever ingredients that salad had! Anything with the pesto-vinaigrette!

Where: 45 Mercer Street

What I Get: Chicken club wrap 

Where: 149 Mulberry Street

What I Get: Spaghetti with roasted garlic pecorino sauce

Where's your favorite place to grab a bite in SoHo? I know there are a few obvious ones missing on the list...


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