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Holidays Alone | NYC Street Diaries

It has been incredibly weird not posting every day during the week now. There are many reasons why I want the multiple question marks in my life currenty to disappear, but truly, I really just want to get back to blogging five times a week. Yes, it's hard to think of new ideas a lot, but god, I'm just so bored not writing every day. I think I just got so conditioned to writing something new five days a week that now it feels like there is this tiny void in my life. I mean, three posts is still a lot too, don't get me wrong, but it also means there's less prep for posts. Less photos to take, less time to edit, and less time spent thinking of new ideas. But I miss it!!!

I thought this post might be a bit more interesting but, as I should have learned from all of my previous solo endeavors in New York, I never get much done. This is mostly because I have a new recent obsession with SoHo, which is all fine and dandy, until I realize that something about SoHo exhausts me and I end up doing two or three things and then immediately beeline to the closest station I can find that has a line I can take and peace out to wherever I am staying at the time.

So, that's what happened.

I "moved" to New York on Friday afternoon into a temporary place for a couple of weeks, which is nice but also is lowkey stressing me out. Two weeks is a lot of time to wait for a package, but two weeks is not a lot of time to sort your life out. Not much was accomplished Friday or Saturday and, admittedly, yesterday was also not great. I had a grand plan of keeping myself busy on Easter Sunday because I wasn't spending it with my family. Or really, anyone. It was just me, myself, and I, which was fine. Easter isn't my favorite holiday and I've missed it before. 

The plan was to practice my commute to my job, which became a bit useless because it was the weekend and the line I'm actually supposed to take wasn't running today. So, that was kind of a bust, but alas, I went anyways. I wanted to treat myself to a new foundation at Sephora because the three drugstore ones I have right now just aren't cutting it for me when it comes to long-wearing. So. I decided to make my "congratulations, you found a job!" gift a new foundation because I couldn't afford to make it anything bigger, let's be real.

After sweating my way through Sephora–literally sweating, Broadway was a fucking madhouse–I popped over to Zara because I struck out trying to shop for new cute clothes for work at the stores back at home. And once again, I struck out at Zara. I found a bunch of cute stuff, but none of it fit. Apparently, Zara clothing and my body don't agree. My actual size is too big but if I sized down it would be too small. WHY, ZARA, WHY? So I ended up just getting two t-shirts that I didn't need to make myself feel better about nothing else working out, including a pair of jeans with dangling rhinestones threads hanging from the bottom like fringe and a pair of racing stripe black trousers that were so comfortable but also so loose in the waist that I might end up showing off my crack to anyone behind me. I'd prefer to avoid that. You have to buy me dinner first!

After Zara, I declared my day done. Well, except I had to go find Urban Outfitters because I had no idea where to get books and was too lazy to look up other locations or to venture away from SoHo because by that point I was tired and my stress was starting to overwhelm me again. Urban Outfitters also had no books that were of interest to me so I'm going to have a really boring commute to work until I can find time to get some books this week. Oops. 

My day outside of the apartment ended with me accidentally ordering $30 worth of food because I thought it was what I had the last time I had been to that particular spot. It wasn't, in case you were wondering. It most certainly was I'll be eating that for the next four days and trying to sell all of my belongings on Poshmark to repent.

All I wanted to do all day was crawl back into bed and just lay down. It was an emotionally tolling weekend, to be honest. I'm all about transparency here, y'all! I'm happy to be here and sad and stressed at the same time! It's a plethora of emotions, but that comes with new chapters in life, right? I mean, I didn't cry for like, two months straight when I moved to Cleveland and end up hating it! Hell, I'm writing this post wearing my Cleveland Cavaliers sweatshirt.

Not sure what the point of this post was. I think I just wanted to ramble for a bit. It's been a weird few days and I missed my favorite creative outlet!


  1. Exciting that you moved, though! Maybe I missed this, but what sort of job do you have?

    1. It is super exciting! I'm working in influencer marketing :)

  2. i am sad that u had such a stressful day, but i also am proud of you. you can do it!

    1. IT'S OKAY!!!! Some days are better than others just like yesterday was better than Sunday and Saturday!!! It all balances out :)


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