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It Isn't In My Blood | March Playlist

I genuinely had no idea I had been listening to so much music this month until I went to drag and drop some songs into the new playlist. Damn @ self, what have you been up to? I suppose there have been a few new releases as of late, but not nearly this many! Shoutout to Spotify Discovery playlists for keeping my music selection varied and, quite frankly, stacked.

To cover the new releases, we have some bops from Georga Ezra (his new album Staying at Tamara's is fantastic), Shawn Mendes ("Lost In Japan" owns a part of my soul now), James Bay (my handsome skeletal husband), and "High Horse" by Kacey Musgraves. There may or may not be more new releases that I am unaware of but like, there are almost 80 songs on this playlist. I can't cover them all! And I guess along the lines of new releases, the entire Love, Simon soundtrack–curated by a personal favorite of mine, Jack Antonoff of Bleachers–is absolutely golden. It features some songs that previously existed in the music world, but also has a new Bleachers song called "Alfie's Song" that I believe was co-written by one of my British husbands, Harry Styles. Bleachers is a forever favorite because they bring me one of my favorite genre's of music–80's new wave–to modern day. Also, did I mention that I love Jack? Yes? Okay moving on.

Admittedly, there are a few tracks from The Greatest Showman on there because I watched that movie this month for the first time and kind of, sort of, really fell in love? Especially with "This Is Me" (I cry every single time this comes on in the car) and "Never Enough" (enough said). I also decided that listening to Walk the Moon's most recent album more often was a good idea, including "Tiger Teeth" which makes my stomach all twisted into knots and skews my emotions wild. Don't be fooled by Walk the Moon's typically upbeat sound. The lyrics will get you, y'all. Especially if you listen at nine in the morning when you are tired and vulnerable.

Does anyone remember the episode of Gilmore Girls where Luke's sister Liz gets married to TJ and they have a renaissance wedding? And Luke and Lorelai share a slow dance and it's really emotional and you realize that you will never love a TV couple more than Luke and Lorelai? Yes? Awesome! Remember the song that was playing in the background? It's "Reflecting Light" by Sam Phillips, who also does all of the little musical interludes for the show, the same ones that I hum in my head when there's a change of scenery in my everyday life. I digress, this song is gorgeous and if any man is dumb enough to marry me someday, this will be our first dance. Just kidding. I want to dance to Rihanna's "S&M." Also just kidding again. Probably. I dunno, I love Rihanna so...

Before we delve into the deepest pits of weirdness, let's wrap this up, shall we? Actually, let's backtrack to Rihanna because I've had an unhealthy obsession with "Lemon" by N.E.R.D. featuring Rihanna this month and I fully blame my mind not being able to get a somewhat recent Liza Koshy video in which she just dances to this song. Like, what kind of goals, am I right? And on a non-citrus related note, "Sink In" by Amy Shark hurts my heart. Her song "Drive You Mad" is not on this playlist, but it makes me equally as emotional.

That is all!

What songs have you been loving during March?


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