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Is It Actually Spring?

It came to my attention, uh, about ten minutes ago that my idea for today's blog post was not actually formulated and I literally just had, and I quote, "(outfit) Zara coat + flared jeans" written down in my agenda. So. This post is off to a fantastic start. My head is in about a thousand different places right now and I constantly switch between things I'm doing every five minutes because I remember something else. Guaranteed after I finish this paragraph, I'm going to get distracted by my to-do list from today that I barely put a dent in (for reference, it's 11:09 at night right now) and add onto my list for tomorrow.

I'm a little stressed. 

This, however, is a good stress. Is there such a thing as a good stress? Probably not, but somehow this is an exciting stress that doesn't make me want to drive for an hour and sob. This is a nice busy feeling that I missed and hope I can control this time instead of driving myself absolutely mad trying to do a million and one things. I think I can manage to do a little bit less this time around in the ole stress game.

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I'm sure anyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog (you're the real MVPs and I appreciate you for putting up with my bantering and run-on sentences and over usage of exclamation points) knows by now that sometimes, I just like to talk. Sometimes about nothing, sometimes about life, but most of the time about Niall Horan. There's a lot I want to talk about right now that I haven't had a chance to talk about because of time issues, which is also a problem I have right now. I mean, it is now 11:15 (let's track how long it takes me to finish this post before I go to bed) and there still isn't a point to this point or even anything in what I've written thus far that relates to the title of this post.

These pictures were taken back when I was living in Niagara Falls and it was, indeed, still a bit snowy and icy. But, alas, it snowed in New York City on Monday and ruined the morning of my first day of work! Just kidding! But also not kidding! I was not prepared footwear wise, so my heeled booties were both difficult to navigate through the slush for, uh, not slipping purposes, but also got soaked through so my toes were cold. I also didn't have a hat, hood, or umbrella, so by the time I got to work and the snow melted off of my hair (because oh yeah, I turned the wrong way and had to go around in a square and add time to my walk), my curls that took quite a bit of time that morning vanished. I also think one of my eyebrows might have melted off, but I didn't bother to confirm.

Yesterday it was cold and rainy, which I guess is to be expected from spring. Would I like some sunshine? Um, yeah, abso-fricking-lutely. But am I okay if it doesn't snow again until the winter time and just rains instead? I am also completely fine with that weather decision, if Mother Nature decides to be kind. I think the hierarchy of preferred weather right now would be warm sunshine > rain > hell > snow in April. That seems about accurate, right? 

Top: Forever21
Sweater: Zara
Jeans: ASOS
Shoes: Matisse
Sunglasses: Dior



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