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Is It Summer? Is It Fall?

My cashmere top says fall, but my skirt, open toed mules, and the humidity in the air still say summer. I swear, last week it was cold enough to wear sweaters and jeans. I was getting used to the idea of autumn and that comfort has been cruelly ripped out of my hands by the final grips of summer!

Also, I fee like my shirt is an optical illusion and I'm really glad that most of the photos didn't work out because my eyes were starting to twitch while editing these and the few that didn't make the cut. #RealTalk, this shirt hurts my eyes but I really like it and probably, most likely don't wear it enough.

In truth, the only reason why I ended up getting dressesd yesterday was so my parents and I could go out for dinner. It's a rare occurence since my dad got a new grill at the beginning of summer and has been grilling food so furiously that there's been few times to go actually go out to eat between at home dinners and Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night dinners at my grandparents house. Alas, we headed out to a place called The Dockside, which I don't expect any human being to know about considering it's in North Tonawanda, NY, a city that makes people literally go "huh?" when I mention it.

This just goes to show that I will get out of bed and change out of my sweatpants and Jonas Brothers Burnin' Up Tour shirt from 2008 and brave the mid Septemer humidity for the promise of good food. And if you were wondering, I did indeed use my ten minute autumn makeup routine while I was getting ready yesterday, partially out of laziness, but also partially out of the sheer lack of time when I realized that we had to leave in thirty minutes and I was still bare-faced and in my pajamas.

The top is vintage Chanel and what goes better with that than a skirt from American Eagle and a pair of $12 mules from the sale section at Marshalls? Gotta mix high and low, am I right or am I right? I'm also wearing those Miu Miu glasses from last week's Toronto post that I can't get enough of. So glad my friend gave me the final push to get these. I was actually looking at them in this gray shade and a blush pink pair the month before, but ultimately decided to get my Prada Baroque glasses instead. So glad that these were around the second time I went, even if the tinting is pretty weak and I can't full stalk people with them on because they will surely be able to see my eyes the entire time. Small sacrifices for cute glasses though, right?

Really, what meal is complete without little steak tacos, a salad with really good ranch dressing, and above all, sweet potato fries?


  1. You look gorgeous doll! I totally agree with your statement about the weather and I would also wear my Jonas Brothers t-shirt (I have one too) all the time If I could.

    Laurel - www.laurelmusical.com

    1. Aw, thank you Laurel! But seriously, those Jonas Brothers tees are TOO COMFORTABLE. They did this on purpose!!!

  2. Your shirt is amazing. I love how the stripes don't perfectly line up.


    1. Thank you!!! Total optical illusion, but I really dig it. :)

  3. I've been looking for a denim skirt just like this! Loved the post. :)

    xx, Tomi

    1. Totally would recommend! Super comfy and easy to style! Thank you :)


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