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Four Simple Accessories For Everyday Wear

A more accurate title for this post would be Two Accessories You'll Have to Pry Out of My Cold, Dead Hands and Two Accessories That Are Somewhat New to Me. One of my many character flaws is that I have trouble accessorizing. What is too much? Is there even such a thing as too much? Can't I just wear whatever I want and just pile on the accessories and call it a day?

Y'all, I'm no fashion guru (but I sure as hell act like one, am I right? Just kidding) and there's a slim chance that you're going to catch me wearing a ten feet tall top hat just because Vogue says it's cool. I should say that Vogue has not, to my knowledge, decided that a ten-foot top hat is a necessary accessory, but who knows anymore.

Accessories, quite frankly, intimidate me. I love looking at them. I adore seeing other people style them on themselves and I cheer for them as creative individuals every time. I take accessories in smaller doses, the more obvious of doses. Perhaps one day I'll feature a ten-foot tall top hat on this blog and all will be well in the world.

I'm Feeling Shady

My relationship with sunglasses is on an entirely other level than my relationship with any other accessory in the world. Ever since I got my contacts back in high school, I've been buying up sunglasses in every shape, but not every size. I've talked about my need for huge sunglasses on this blog before on account of I have a huge nose and huge face. It's all good, this is just a fact, not some weird detrimental nonsense tossed into a blog post. I just need a big frame to account for my big face and that's completely fine.

I also rely on sunglasses for two other things. First, they hide my undereye circles and my occasional complete lack of effort on eye makeup. Of course, if I'm going somewhere after where I would remove my sunglasses, the whole laziness with my eye makeup thing doesn't really work out in my favor. But any other day, man oh man do they make me lazy. They also give me the opportunity and the illusion that I'm ignoring every single person who walks by me. 

That sounds bad. Look, hear me out, I don't mean this is a mean way. I just mean it in a way where if I'm out in public and I have my headphones in and I'm just walking around downtown minding my own business...don't talk to me. This doesn't go for friends or acquaintances. This mainly goes for men, tbh. I have my darkest shades for my ultimate "Do not talk to me" days and they certainly do the trick.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

How many names exist for this hat? Is it a sailor cap? A pageboy cap? What's the truth? Regardless, you've seen a hat like this all over your Instagram timeline I'm sure. I struggle with hats. This all goes back to me having just an all-around big head. Those cute floppy hats? Don't fit me. I've tried on one from dozens of stores in different sizes and they just never worked for me. Baseball caps? Men's, women's, too small and just don't look right. I had just about given up until this hat came into my life

I mean, not only are hats super cute and autumnal, but they also hide second-day hair? I mean, forget second-day hair, what about third-day hair? I'm all about things that serve both a purpose while also being fashionable. All jokes aside, this was a really not scary way of introducing an accessory into my wardrobe. I wore it styled with a black sweater and suede skirt in the blog post that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, but I think it would also totally work with just any sweater and pair of jeans. Really, just look at Megan Ellaby or Chloe Plumstead's Instagram feeds and you'll find instant inspiration. 

Make a Statement 

Statement earrings got their own blog post a month or so ago, so we'll be brief in my rollercoaster of a love affair with them. I think if I remembered that my ears were pierced and didn't forget to put on jewelry every time I leave the house, I would get along much nicer with statement earrings than I do now. That being said, the pairs that I do have, I've kept for a long time. I mean, these J. Crew ones above I've had since high school and I refuse to give them up. One day they're going to get the love they deserve from me! 

It blows my mind that I don't wear these most times that I wear an outfit. I mean, not these earrings exactly, but a pair of the same sorts. Statement earrings really are as easy to style as a pair of regular studs would be. They just pack a bigger punch when it comes to their boldness and weigh a little bit more.

Itty Bitty Bags 

I don't care if I saw massive bags on the runway for Fall 2017, mini bags have changed the game and by the game I mean the amount of pain I no longer feel in my shoulder from lugging around bricks all day. You're going to have to pry mini bags out of my cold dead hands. I love them and yeah, I do miss being able to carry things around on one hand, but on the other hand, I like that I only need my phone, a lipstick, and my card case. If I truly needed something else, then I have an option or two for those occasions. But on the reg? Catch me carrying around three things at all times and ask how great my back feels.

Spoiler alert: it feels awesome because I'm no longer carrying around weights.

What is your go-to accessory?


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