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Ten Minute Fall Makeup Look

Putting a full face of makeup on feels like a chore some days. I love makeup as much as the next person, but sometimes I just don't feel like getting ready. Contrary to popular belief, there are some days where I don't wear winged eyeliner and red lipstick and chisel my eyebrows to a perfect point to ensure their perfect nature. Some days I just want to take ten minutes to finish my face of makeup and move on my with life. Plus, it's always fun to prove to people who think you're high maintenance that you can get ready in ten minutes, you just choose not to on occasion.

In the midst of editing these photos, I realized that I forgot to include a setting powder in this post, but like...setting powder is important. Now that we've addressed my ROOKIE MISTAKE, let's just move on, yeah? Everyone's skin is different just like the snowflakes in winter (okay, we'll stick with fall for now but...we all know what comes after autumn...), but if you're a person who likes to wear makeup on a semi-regular basis–or even if you're someone who doesn't like to wear it and wants to spend the least amount of time as possible applying it–there's a simple solution to saving time.

Just do the bare minimum and pick rich colors so it looks like you're wearing more than you are. Play with the illusion of multi colors when in reality you just chose rich multidimensional autumnal hues that make your face look like the equivalent of mid-October.

I love playing around with autumnal shades when it comes to makeup. I love bronzes, deep golds, rose gold, rusty oranges that lean towards red. It's not just the season of berry lipstick and those that look so dark that they're almost black. I love the rusty metals that come out to play and add an autumnal glow to your face while the remnants of summer slowly fade from your skin.

I love using a bronze cream eyeshadow on my entire eyelid, stretching up slightly into the crease. I let it sit for a minute or two so it sets into place and isn't disturbed when I add a crease color to add some secondary dimension to my look. I tend to use a darker but similarly colored bronze shade to darken up my outer corner and along my crease, always blending regularly to ensure that the look doesn't have any harsh lines and looks more natural. I mean, as natural as bronze eyeshadow can possibly look.

It's easy to enhance your glow and what's left of your tan from the summer. Add a little bronzer to the hollows of your cheek, down your jaw, and around your temple to warm up your features after you blur our any imperfections with your foundation, concealer, and setting powders. Blend out the powder so it's seamless with the rest of your face, rather than muddy and patchy.

Follow up your bronzer with a terracotta blush, one that has a bit of shimmer to it (never glitter though, just shimmer) so it will pair nicely with whichever highlighter you choose. I'd recommend choosing one that either has a similar shimmer or is in the same color range so they pair nicely together and don't look like two completely different colors converging on the same part of your cheek.

Brows are still important in this ten-minute makeup scenario. Perhaps there isn't enough time to precisely fill in every little section with powder, pomade, or a pencil, but there's at least time to sweep a tinted brow gel over them to tint them and easily fill in some more sparse sections.

There's plenty of routes you can go with lipstick. I'm a huge proponent for vampy lips, but on a day where you only have ten minutes to get ready, a dark lipstick that requires extreme precision to ensure the perfect pout isn't the best option. Swipe a nude color on and call it a day, saving the raspberry and blackberry hues for another day.

This is my personal favorite bronze cream shadow of choice, though you certainly don't have to use cream shadow and could just use a powder instead. This is the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Marie Antoinette, but Maybelline has a similar color in their cream shadow in Bad to the Bronze. I use an Anastasia bronze shade called Topaz in my custom four color palette to deepen my crease.

My go to and affordable blush for this time of year is NYX Terracotta. It's the loveliest color, uber pigmented, and a little goes a long way. You could, in theory, skip highlighter if you don't like a lot of glow on your cheeks.

If you do want to add a bit more glow, however, I think that Becca's Champagne Pop pairs really nicely with Terracotta. The rose gold matches with the rusty hues of the blush and they combine together to form a really lovely glow that's perfect for fall.


  1. Now that I'm hooked on the Becca highlighters I need to try Champagne Pop! Great post!

    1. I do love Champagne Pop, especially for fall, but I totally recommend checking out Opal or Moonstone instead for an overall more versatile color for all year 'round wear. :)

  2. Ooo your NYX blush is soo pretty! I've been looking for a new blush! I might try this one next! :)

    xo, Chloe //

    1. Thank you! It's such a beautiful shade. I love when the fall time comes around so I can wear it again :)


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