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Yet Another Fall Fashion Trend Post

I am fascinated by trends.

When I was trying to compile a list of trends for this coming fall season, I went through a lot of round-up posts for inspiration. Like a lot. And I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as trends. Just kidding, there obviously are, but how the hell are we supposed to follow forty trends? And is it really a trend if, in reality, only a tiny fraction runways featured it? Like, I saw galactic prints in one slideshow and I couldn't help but wonder how many shows really featured "galactic prints" whatever that means? What constitutes as a trend? Is it just coincidence? Are there conference meetings where everyone collectively decides that we're going to wear Pokemon backpacks this fall because they're cool? I mean, I could Google it, but that's not the answer I want. I don't want Merriam Webster's definition of a trend. I just want to know the truth.

(Also, I should let y'all know that while Pokemon backpacks aren't an official trend, nobody said they weren't a trend so...)

All jokes aside, I tried to compile my favorite trends. I mean, there are some I'm leaving out, but quite honestly, I got really overwhelmed by everything. I mean, there were feathers and ruffles and puffer coats and fishnets and trench coats and literally dozens more. So in all fairness literally anything could be a trend this fall tbh.

That being said...I'm going to be my usual self-centered self and talk about six trends that I either want to try or am just all around fascinated by.

Loving Him Was Red

I have a love-hate relationship with the color red. I'd actually go as far to say that the only love I have for red is when it comes to red lipstick, which is probably not fair to the color as a whole. I think I can link my negative relationship with the color red to the fact that I had to wear a red polo and red plaid skirt every day for my three years of middle school. It was an awful red too. I mean, do they ever pick good shades of colors for uniforms? Not really. 

I digress, red is huge. Red is everywhere. Red tops, bottoms, boots, hats, jackets, and no doubt in accessories as well. It doesn't seem to be a siren red that has tinges of orange, it's a bit more subdued and much less neon than a firetruck. It's also not quite crimson. It's somewhere in between and could probably be really pretty and uber flattering. Plus, I do enjoy the unconventional pairing of light pink and red. It's like an elementary school valentines day card and I'm a big fan.

Hit the Pedal, Heavy Metal (And Y'know, Glitter)

Okay, so there's just a lot of shimmer and sparkle going on. Apparently, you don't have to wait until the holiday season to wear metallics and shimmers. Three cheers for my fellow glitter lovers out there! I sort of just combined these two trends because they go hand in hand, I guess since they're both shiny and would distract birds? We've seen the Saint Laurent and Chanel cap-toe glitter boots enough to know that they'd probably be a cool addition to our shoe collections, just not at that price. But fear not, because I'm almost 200% sure that Zara and H&M are going to hook you up with some cheaper options as they always do. 

In terms of metals, there's definitely some metallic fringe out there in the world and it appears that lamé is still in y'all. I mean, it seems like silver, in particular, is in, but I say go for whatever shade of metallic that you want. Let your metallic freak flag fly, my dudes. Wear copper and metallic pink and anything that tickles your fancy. Embrace your inner Harry Styles and get yourself a pair of metallic gold boots and prance around in them with a smile on your face!


I am honestly not entirely sure what to call this one. I Want My Mullet Back? No. Don't Tell My Heart, My Achy Breaky Heart? Also no. Well, this one might just have to break the chain of music-centric names. This is a big one. Some of the shows just felt like big ole shoutouts to the wild west–I GOT IT. Wickey Wild, Wicky Wicky Wild Wild Wild West. I always knew Will Smith would pull through for me in a moment of need, and he did. That's what this trend is going to be called this season. 

Some shows went all out. I mean, House of Holland came through with their western inspired garb. Question though: when are we all going to collectively agree to bring back chaps as a socially acceptable piece of clothing to wear in public? I mean, the runways might as well have gone there. There were cowhide prints, silhouettes of cacti, and more than enough "cowboy stars" to go around. There was also a lot of cognac leather going on in regards to boots and vests. Honestly, all that was missing were some spurs for the boots and a trusty steed to fully complete the American Frontier cosplay look. Yeehaw, my western lovers, for this will be a trend for you.

On Me, I'm Wearing Velvet, You're a Three Piece

These have all turned into musical titles and I'm okay with it. Clearly. As I'm the one writing these and not editing them out. Again, I'm not entirely sure that velvet is all that new of a trend and I'm pretty sure it was around last year. So, hopefully y'all kept your velvet pieces around for this season. I'm just happy I can wear my pink velvet boots again. They didn't get enough love for me because I bought them in the middle of last winter #Blessed.  

I Got the Power (Suit)

Again, I'm combining trends here because they seem to all be going hand in hand anyways. We've got three things that all sort of overlap: broad shoulders, menswear, and good old power suits. It seems like a lot because, well, things on the runway are a lot let's be real. Runways shows do #TheMost and I don't think we're at all expected to style them the way that they appear when you see the fashion week photos. 

That being said, broad shoulders are a thing. I've seen them in both blazers and regular jackets, even on just regular tops and sweaters. We used to rip shoulder pads out of some of the cool vintage pieces at the store I used to work in because people just did not want those kinds of shoulders. But, as usual, fashion is cyclical and they're coming back. 

And as for menswear and power suits, this isn't really something totally new, but I think the three of these trends combined are pretty cool. But what do I know?

Check Yourself (Before You Wreck Yourself)

Thanks for the help with that one Ice Cube. There's also something called "70s Plaid" that was on the runways as well, but I'm talking the smaller checkered patterns, usually involving some greys, whites, and blacks. It's very neutral, sort of office chic, and yet reminds me so much of Celine for some reason. I've seen it in longline blazers, but also in mini skirts, dresses, you name it. It's much less school girl than it sounds and tbh, it's mega chic.

How do you feel about trends in general? What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall, trends aside? 


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