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1. The Girls by Emma Cline

At first, I was wondering why I would have taken and thought a blurry picture was a great idea, but then I realized it was just the distorted cover of this book so A+ to me for being an idiot this morning.  I had been dying to read this book for some time, but I am an avid hater of hardcover books and am rarely too impatient to wait for a book to come to paperback. So, alas, I waited and waited until I spotted The Girls on the shelves of Target in its glorious paperback-self and snatched it up immediately.

If you thought I was bad at talking about music, just wait until you hear me try to talk about books. Let's just imagine that this tiny little book review is written in red crayon and is littered with blatant misspellings and backward letters. I liked this book. This book was good. I also eat paste.

All jokes aside, I was a little *eye emoji* about this book when I started. I was a bit unsure of why the hype around it was so inescapable last summer, but as always, I was proven wrong pretty fast. Since I'm someone who generally likes to finish books in a few sittings, slow starts generally aren't a good first impression to me because I just want to plow through books as fast as I can or else I won't actually finish them. This is clearly a personal problem.

This book flip-flops between glimpses of the present day through the narrator's–Evie Boyd–eyes. Then, in-between, the story of Evie's adolescence in the 1960s unfolds. The granddaughter of a Hollywood star, Evie lives a privileged life in the suburbs with her mom after her parents' divorce. She has friends, but soon she bores of them (or they bore of her). So, in the midst of a lonely summer, Evie finds herself hanging around a run-down ranch in the middle of the hills, mesmerized by Suzanne, a member of a cult akin to the Mansons.

I thought this book would be more exciting, but that's certainly not to say it wasn't great. Actually, I think I preferred reading about the story through the occasionally innocent eyes of Evie. She had an interesting voice. She was never really part of the cult, no. Rather, she was like any other fourteen-year-old girl. She wanted to be accepted. She wasn't accepted by friends or her family, so she sought out other options.

The prose in this book was eerie and haunting and really outstanding, especially for a debut novel. I mean, who am I to talk about prose though? I speak in emojis and hashtags, not winding sentences rich with metaphors that would make Hemingway grin. I'm a year late on the hype for this book, but I still think it's most certainly worth a read, especially if you like something with a darker tone, a bit of edge to add to your bookshelf.

2. Adidas sneakers

I actually don't know what these are called. They're not the Superstars or Stan Smiths. They're just...Adidas sneakers? I picked them up at TJ Maxx for like, $30, which I am supremely proud of and make sure that everyone who compliments them is aware of the bargain I got. Is $30 even a bargain? I've gotten so bad with money that I don't even know what is what anymore. Anyways, what was I talking about? RIGHT, I love my Adidas sneakers even if they gave me baby cuts on the back of my TOO SENSITIVE ANKLES. You can't really see them here, but you can see me trying to bring back tying things around my waist. Honestly, why did we ever stop doing this? Why did we ever carry about our sweatshirts and jackets when you have a WAIST you can tie them around?

Remember that time I said I didn't think I was cool enough for sneakers? Man, why was I so mean to myself? Why was I mentally depriving myself of the single greatest additions to my wardrobe since my hunter green faux fur bomber jacket? In conclusion: Adidas sneakers are fun and I highly recommend them.

3. Hourglass Peacemaker lipstick

A simple search on my blog would let me know if I've talked about this lipstick before. Yet, here I am, full on embracing my lazy while I decide to talk about it again. I have to appreciate a nude lip color that doesn't make me want to fall asleep because it's so boring. This is a nice nude shade that has a slight apricot hue that sets it apart from, say a plummy nude or a pink nude. It has a really pretty satin finish and feels creamy on the lips, which is great for me right now because my lips literally feel like they're on fire and are going to peel off. This is what I get for never wearing chapstick until it's too late.

4. "Get Low" by Zedd and Liam Payne

I literally cannot talk coherently about this song, but just listen to it. Do it. Get down to it. I'm calling it now: this is going to be the song of the summer. I'm already bopping endlessly to it. Now I must stop attempting to talk about it before I profess my love for Liam Payne and start @ replying him in this blog post to love me. Shit. Too late.

What have you been loving lately?


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