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No, I Swear I'm Not Wearing Makeup *wink*

"No Makeup" Makeup looks are all the rage, unlike the phrase "all the rage." Call it what you want. A low maintenance makeup look. Lazy makeup day routine. Maybe it's your everyday routine! Whatever it may be, the concept of a "No Makeup" look is still floating around in the year of 2017 for good reason. Every day does not call for a full face of makeup, but sometimes you just want to put something on.

When everything is hot and sticky in the summertime (if there is an ounce of humidity in the air, I never want to leave the house), the thought of layers upon layers of makeup and setting powders is honestly stomach churning. If it's hotter than hell outside and the humidity level is at 150,000%, this makeup will probably not hold up either, but ya know, gotta play it by ear.

DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE without SPF on. I did a whole post on the importance of sunscreen, but to sum it up, just wear it, okay? Plenty of moisturizers come with SPF in them, so choose whichever you fancy and slather that on under whatever makeup you want.

In lieu of foundation, try a tinted moisturizer. This one is a sample from Laura Mercier that I would otherwise not be able to afford if I hadn't gotten it from a free promotion on my last online order from Sephora. There are plenty of drugstore versions that I don't have specifics for because tinted moisturizer on its own is still not something my skin is clear enough to wear. You can either add a pump of foundation to your tinted moisturizer to add more coverage or if you're as self conscious about your acne as I am, just use some concealer just on your problem areas to conceal them. Skip the powder though. That's what'll take away your skin's dewiness and cause caking problems if your skin sweats or the humidity starts to make your face makeup act up.

Instead of filling in your brows, you could obviously leave them natural. If you're self-conscious about them for any reason, a tinted brow gel is a great way to faintly shape your brows and give them some more color. There are also some tinted brow gels that have fibers in them as well that will fill in any sparse areas, which would be good for anyone who doesn't have full eyebrows to start off with.

Skip the tri-colored eyeshadow and opt for a single cream eyeshadow instead. You don't need to wear eyeshadow at all, really, but I sometimes like to add a single cream shadow across my lid just to add some extra dimension to my eyes. It really depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going when it comes to this step. I love the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadows, but there are also plenty of other brands at Sephora who have their own as well as at the drugstore (I highly recommend the Maybelline ones).

Avoid raccoon eyes and use a waterproof mascara. Not this waterproof mascara. I'm not a massive fan of the Tarte waterproof mascara, especially on my bottom lashes. I suppose it is very waterproof to the point where I have no idea how to even take it off. Plenty of brands sell a lot of their mascaras in a waterproof form!

Lip colors are optional, well, not in my world. If you feel incomplete without a lip color on, there are a few options. You could go for a tinted lip balm, which I believe Burt's Bees sells, but also there are Korres tinted lip butters that come in little tubs that I had years and years ago. YSL has lip oils that are super low maintenance and smell incredible. I included the Glossier Generation G lipstick in this photo because of the sleek packaging, but also because I do really love wearing those lipsticks during the summer since they look like a popsicle stain on your lips. Lipstick might throw off the no makeup thing but, whatever. You can do what you want!

What's an essential in your "No Makeup" looks?


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