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Closet Confidential

This is a tag I've seen done countless times on YouTube. Since I'm too lazy to start a YouTube channel at the moment (see: lack the skills, verbal ability, and personality), I figured I'd test out this "closet confidential" tag in blog post form.

Also, quick note, there will be no new blog posts this weekend (more on that in a couple of weeks...) because I'm going to be away until Sunday night!

1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

Oh boy, maybe my American Eagle skinny jeans? I've had those since high school I believe, or at least freshmen year of college. Oh, or my Topshop sweater that I bought in Spain my senior year of high school. I think the only reason why I would have held onto something for that long would be because it was a souvenir of sorts from that trip.

2. What is the newest item in your wardrobe?

The newest item in my wardrobe are my Charlotte Olympia boots! I showed them in a post a few weeks ago, but they're called the Puss In, I guess? They're very adorable and totally out of season but I needed to snag them before they were gone!

3. What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

Definitely my Saint Laurent Baby Monogram bag. I have it in the lipstick print with silver hardware. I think it's from 2015? I luckily enough picked it up at the luxury consignment store that I work in and got a discount on top of the already discounted price.

4. What is the cheapest item in your wardrobe that you use a lot?

Does it count as cheap if I stole it from my brother's closet? It's a plain black sweater from the men's department at Target and I wear the living crap out of it. The sweater has the perfect relaxed fit, it's thick but not too thick, and it goes with absolutely everything

5. What is the biggest bargain in your wardrobe?

I consider anything that I've ever purchased secondhand at the consignment shop a bargain. I paid $35 for a Max Mara cashmere sweater. To me, that's a huge bargain, especially for a piece that's become such a staple in my wardrobe. OH! Or my Marni shearling collar coat. I'm assuming it retailed for a couple thousand dollars and I ended up paying about $80 or so. I definitely consider my Saint Laurent bag and Celine shoes a bargain too, though I think that some people might disagree.

6. What was the biggest waste of money in your wardrobe?

Hmmm, I'm not sure! I will say, despite owning too many clothes for one person, I really do wear everything and I wear it to death. If I don't wear my pieces anymore, I do sell them or give them away before they can clutter my life. Usually I find sunglasses to be a pretty big waste of money especially since I only wear my Quay ones and sometimes my Dior pair, but my I've already sold my Burberry, Chloe, Tom Ford and Tory Burch glasses so they were wastes at the time, but I ended up getting back some of what I paid for so...

7. What are you 3 favorite items right now?

Ooh, probably my Adidas sneakers, my DIY high-waisted denim shorts, and my white Fashion is a Must Have Zara t-shirt.

8. What is the most colorful item in your wardrobe?

I don't wear or own a lot of color, but I do have a couple of really bright and colorful floral sundresses that I like to pull out from time to time for a fun pop of color!  

9. What is your favorite piece that you have received as a gift?

Both of my J. Crew Cocoon/City Coats were gifts and they are two of my favorite pieces of outerwear that I ever have and ever will own.

10. What is the most comfortable item in your wardrobe?

Other than the obviously answer of leggings, I'd have to say either my silk Rag and Bone pants that literally feel like pajama bottoms or my black halter neck dress that I got on clearance from Old Navy for like six or seven bucks a few years ago on a whim and ended up wearing the heck out of.


  1. Such a cool idea to do this in blog post form! I might do it as well hehe :)


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