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1. There Are Two Kinds of People in This World, Really I love lists with my whole heart. MY WHOLE HEART, Y'ALL.

2. Under Pressure I'm barely scraping my 20s and it's like...pressure...pushing down on me...pushing down on me...24/7.

3. British Summertime Lizzy's style is so simplistic, yet every look seems fresh and new. How does she do it so flawlessly every time?!

4. Exploring Ontario: South Pond Farms, Kawartha Lakes When am I going to get my stuff together and finally make a day trip up to Canada? It's not like I'm fifteen minutes from the border or anything...*rolls eyes at self*

5. Day in the Life of a Blogger & My Kit I just love Megan so much. Like, who else could pull off double denim in the same wash like she can? She's so fab and I just cherish her advice.

6. Going with the Flow When You’re Type A Do you ever read a post and think "this is probably the post that I have related the most to in my entire five or six years of reading blogs?" Because that's how I feel about this post. 

7. Boldly Bare: My First Zimmerman Dress The dress is absolutely gorgeous, especially with Claire's coloring. Her new website also looks fan-flipping-tastic, if I do say so myself. 

8. The Kooples in Paris I think the Coolest Couple in the World™ award needs to go to Megan and George. Look how stylish those two are!

9. How to Be One of Those ‘Put-Together’ People I mean, this post starts out with the most truthful line of all: "I’m starting to believe that what perpetually put-together people have actually mastered is the art of faking it. (Ditto adulthood, ditto a life plan.)"

10. Wandering | Blush Jeans and Cage Tank I love all of the soft pastels going on in this look! So, so pretty for this time of year!

11. Little Black Jumpsuit I love and adore the trend of layering dresses and jumpsuits on top of little t-shirts. I just think it is such a cute look!

What have you been reading lately?


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