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Dream Closet, Vol. 30

Once again, color appears in my dream closet. Am I, Francesca Pauline, finally putting my neutral days behind me? Of course not! It's fun to dream though. I would never wear that color red, but isn't the dress gorgeous? I wish I could pull off that color, especially in that quintessential Chloe silhouette. I also don't really care for jewelry, but those clip on Saint Laurent earrings? AMAZING. I saw Tamara Kalinic wearing them in one of her recent videos and my jaw dropped. I'm not a massive fan of monograms and branding, but I love the ways that Saint Laurent has been utilizing their iconic YSL logo for things like jewelry and the literal heels on shoes, rather than just the monogram on the clasp of their handbags.

I've been scouring the internet for a pair of second hand Gucci slides. I'd prefer the classic horse bit slides with the fur lining, but these foiled Marmont slides are so cute! And I couldn't help myself. That Chloe 'Nile' bag is absolutely everywhere right now. I usually only see it in the biscotti beige color, so to see it in this gorgeous cognac leather (there are a few more colors on Net-A-Porter at the moment but this one spoke to me the most) was a treat.


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