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Buffalo, New York: Jerk's Soda Fountain

Do you ever have those places in the area where you grew up that you just didn't know existed?  This is one of those places for me. I admittedly always saw Buffalo as kind of an empty city. There's not a lot of areas, in my eyes at least, that are developed in terms of places to eat, shop, etc. I went down to the Main Street area with my friend a month or so ago when we went to a club down there and revisited the same area last week on a new adventure for the sake of milkshakes. 
Jerk's Soda Fountain serves two...well, technically three, things: milkshakes (and ice cream) and french fries (though those technically are from Just Fries). A very simple base for a menu, yet there are so many options that you, just for a second, almost consider getting two out of pure indecision.
It's a smaller space tucked between two other businesses, but its outdoor patio offers plenty of extra space for people to sit on their lunch break (there were definitely a lot of business people who stopped in to get their mid-afternoon sweet treat while my friend and I were there) if the inside gets too full. The brick walls were beyond aesthetically pleasing, as well as the white table tops. TBH, it was a blogger who photographs everything she eats' dream.

For fries, my friend and I split...I actually don't remember. I made her order something to get me to step out of my comfort zone of only eating things plain with no condiments. She started off easy with just plain loaded fries, which I'm pretty sure was french fries (duh), cheese, sour cream, and chives. If you're asking, yes, this is wild for me, considering all condiments and sauce are evil.

For the main attraction, I had to let my love for coffee spill over into my milkshake choice. I ordered the Coffeehouse, which is vanilla ice cream with coffee syrup and a nice hefty serving of whipped cream on top. Milkshakes are a rarity for me because dairy and I do not get along (they did have vegan options but I decided to test fate that day and see how my stomach got along okay). Despite not being able to finish it (they're huge), it was still delicious and the perfect treat for a day that was bordering 80 degrees or so.
Hopefully this kick-started the bug of exploring my own hometown area. We'll see!

Where: 523 Main St, Buffalo NY 14203
What: The only two things you can get...french fries and a good ole milkshake


  1. What a cute little shop! I love finding little gems like that, and that milkshake looks so good :)

    1. Right? It was right under my nose the whole time! And the milkshake was just as delicious as it looked!


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