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What Time Is It? Summertime | A Playlist for the Season

Despite the fall being my favorite season, the summertime is where my music listening dreams come alive. There is no better way to listen to a song than with all of the windows down as you're cruising down the street. I am a strong proponent for driving with the windows down instead of the air conditions, not because I think it keeps me cooler (in fact, I often ruin my hair and music for the sake of the listening process), but because I hate feeling like the music is trapped inside of my car. So, as soon as the weather is warm enough (even sometimes when it's not), I roll those windows down and let it all loose.

To me, summer music goes one of two ways. I usually listen to a lot of pop music, whatever is on the radio at the moment, maybe a few remixes of songs. Then I listen to music with more of a rock influence. What's better than blasting a long song and drumming on your steering wheel while you hair is blowing everywhere? Nothing beats that feeling!

Knowing me, I'll be adding to this playlist all summer, but here's the starter pack to my summer playlist. It's thirty songs that will encourage you to roll your windows down, even if just a little bit.

What do you like to listen to during the summer?


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