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Ever Since New York | A May Playlist

I'm going to be frank, once Harry Styles' new album came out at the beginning of the month, I figured that was all I was going to be listening to throughout the month. I definitely surprised myself by sprinkling in some other jams throughout, though some of those jams belong to Niall Horan ("Slow Hands") and sir Liam Payne ("Strip that Down," which CHANGED MY LIFE). What can I say, once a fangirl, always a fangirl.

Paramore's new album is also the bomb dot com, which came out on the same day as Harry's debut album. I've also been O B S E S S E D with Haim's "Want You Back." It's kind of an issue. It's just such a bop and I cannot help but swing my hips and bob my head back and forth. I just want to drive down a long stretch of road in the summer with all of my windows down blasting this tune. Also, QUEEN CARLY RAE JEPSEN RELEASED A NEW SONG A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO. Honestly, we were just #Blessed with a bunch of new music this month. I don't know what we did as humanity to deserve these bops, but I'm grateful for them anyways.


  1. I LOVE Harry's new album! It's been on repeat for days!

    1. What a guy. What. A. Guy. I'm so excited to hear what the other guys from 1D are going to deliver in terms of solo albums!!!


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