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1. Making Friends in Your 20's: What I've Learned and What I'm Learning Have I ever related to a post more in my life before this moment? No, I don't think so.

2. Memoirs of the Maldives I've never been one for secluded vacations (AKA anything without some sort of time in a bustling city involved), but Lydia has put the Maldives on my radar and I cannot stop thinking about it. Gorgeous photos with such a lovely sentiment attached to them.

3. My Most Embarrassing Fashion Phases, Ranked The other night I had to explain the double polo look to my friend and her boyfriend and it was an eye-opening experience. I'm so glad that those days are over and my body is not cased within two different colored Hollister polos.

4. What Happens When Getting Dressed is No Longer Fun? I like this post in general because the constantly questioning yourself and not feeling totally you is #Relatable, but the comments section on this post was also incredibly interesting.

5. Striped Paige Jeans & A Button Down I love that the pants are the statement with this outfit! Plus, the combination of the striped pants and the studded handbag (plus the red shoes!) are just a really fun combination to make a punchy outfit without dozens of pieces layered upon each other.

6. What Do Bloggers Do All Day? A nice little insight into what goes into our favorite blogs!

7. An Interview with Sophia Amoruso & Visiting The #Girlboss Costume Department I love that we got a behind the scenes look at the costume process for this show. I find costumes so interesting, especially when the style isn't modern. I mean, 2000s is a bit different than dressing for an entirely different century, but even still, super fascinating!

8. I’ve Never Told Anyone About My Eating Disorder Definitely do not read this if you'll find this triggering, but this was such an honest and raw guest post on Man Repeller and it had me in tears.

9. Step Back This is such a cool concept for photoshoots and I'm loving the direction that Lizzy is taking!

What have you been reading lately?


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