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One Last Consignment Haul

Saturday was my Official Last Day Ever™ at the consignment store and I might have done a little bit of damage for one last chance to use my discount. Do I think this is my last time shopping there? HECK NO. I've already planned on stopping in at some point before I move to New York City because I'll need some nice new additions to my wardrobe, of course. I'm sure these will all end up in some outfit photos at some point (if I ever stop being lazy and refusing to get ready for the day), but for now, here's some fun flat lays of the goodies I got!

I've been eyeing this Markus Lupfer sweatshirt for a while now so when I saw that it was on sale I had to finally bite the bullet. How flipping funny is this?

I've had this shaggy Worth cropped jacket on hold in the back for literally months now and I kept forgetting to buy it. It's just such an odd ball piece that I'm so excited to style when the weather is right!

These Rebecca Minkoff sandals were an impulsive purchase, I must admit. They had just come in a few days ago and I had seen them for the first time on Friday but didn't get a chance to try them on. I wore them around the store for a few minutes on Saturday and decided that I needed them. Oddly enough, these were the most expensive piece that I bought, but they're practically brand new and something unlike anything in my collection. First thing, they don't have a heel, which is a rarity with me when it comes to shoes. I like a little bit of a bump in my height, but I also can't always wear heels. My feet will absolutely hate me. These seemed like a fun substitute for them because the lace detail and the metallic trim make a pair of espadrille sandals a bit more interesting.

Joggers are my favorite type of pant ever and I don't think I own enough of them, in my opinion. These Joie army green joggers were calling my name before I left two weeks ago, but I never got a chance to try them on. Plus, I assumed they'd be too big. I mean, they kind of are, but I like when things aren't clinging to my thighs, which means I sacrifice things fitting nicely in the waist. I plan on trying to get these fixed so they fit me in all areas on the legs, but for now I just need to wear the drawstring tight!

Last but not least, these might be my favorite thing that I got. They're a pair of Rag & Bone silk....pajama pants? They're called the Rudy pant on their website, if that means anything. I don't know what to even call them, but they remind me of a handkerchief and I am absolutely obsessed. I cannot wait to style these things for summer. They fit so loosely and lovely and are going to look so good with sandals and t-shirts, as well with booties and sweaters. Ugh, I cannot believe that I managed to snag these before anyone else.


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