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1. Nine West mules

My favorite pair of booties that I have ever owned were a pair of black suede boots that I picked up for about $35 at the Saks outlet. They were Nine West too and from January 2016 until a few weeks ago, they were my staple. I'd wear them everywhere–to class, work, concerts, wherever I needed a pair of simple black booties that went with everything. Sadly, I wore these boots to the ground and then some, causing some holes in the toes. I nearly teared up when I tossed them into the dumpster a few weeks back. I try not to think about it, truly. Will I ever find a pair of boots that treat me as well?

Anyways, the whole point of that story was to say that Nine West shoes treat me and my feet kindly. They're always true to size and fit my slightly wide foot so comfortably. When I went shopping when I was home for Easter, I saw these gorgeous sand suede mules and I was immediately drawn to them. They were totally an unnecessary purchase, but I didn't know that I needed them in my life until I bought them. They go with literally everything. I wore them three days in a row last week without even realizing it. They don't slip off my feet when I'm walking, the heel is so comfortable to move around in, and there's no back to rub against my skin and create the world's worst blisters. Sounds like a winning pair of shoes to me!

2. OPI You're Such a Budapest and Essie Mint Candy Apple

I've been trying to get better about painting my nails on a more regular basis again. I used to be obsessed with nail polish my senior year of high school and freshmen year of college. Since then, I haven't really bothered with getting new colors. I actually need to replace some of my old favorites. But for now, I'm going through the shades that I bought a while ago and hoping that the quality is still up to par (so far, so good).

I pulled out my spring shades a few weeks ago and these two are on the top of my list of favorites. You're Such a Budapest is a sort of periwinkle meets lavender sort of color. It definitely leans more blue than purple, but it has some hints of a pastel purple in there somewhere. This is hands down one of my favorite nail polishes of all time. It looks great on the toes (which is what I have it on right now) and your fingers, which is not something I can say about all nail polish.

Mint Candy Apple is what you would expect from the name. It's a minty blue color. Usually when I think mint, I think of something that might lean a bit more to the green side, so this one is definitely more of a sky blue meets mint than a true mint green. Still, it's a really pretty color and I love to wear this one on my nails when the seasons change!

3. Girlboss, the Netflix series

I read #Girlboss, the sort of advice book/memoir by Sophia Amoruso, former CEO of Nasty Gal. I'm sure this book warrants a re-read at some point, but that's not the point of this lil' section of the post. Netflix adapted this book into a series, right now landing at 13 episodes. It follows Sophia Amoruso's twenty-something years struggling to make it as something in San Francisco. The show loosely (real loosely, according to the introductory slides) follows the book and Sophia's life, but it's still a seriously entertaining show.

Sure, Sophia Marlowe (in the show) can be irritating as hell. She's stubborn, strong-minded, and just a tad bit selfish (but let's be real, aren't we all?). Her mother left when she was younger, her dad is a number-driven business man, and luck just doesn't seem to be on her side. Throughout the thirteen episodes, you see her go from eviction notices to starting up her own eBay vintage store to eventually (do I even need to alert for spoilers? We know she started Nasty Gal, come on now) launching her own website.

It was an entertaining couple of days while I knocked out these half hour episodes. While it touches n the business side of things, really Girlboss focuses less on Nasty Gal and more on Sophia, which may either deter people or draw people in. If anything, it's fun to watch for Annie, Sophia's best friend who just says the weirdest sh!t that I love. And truly, Britt Robertson does an awesome job as Sophia.  I've seen mixed reviews about this show, but if you're looking for a new show to watch that doesn't take up much time and you can watch while you multitask, give this guy a try if you fancy a watch.

4. "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Hunter Place from The Voice

I'm obsessed with Hunter Plake. I didn't care for him in the Blind Auditions. I didn't dislike him by any means, but he really stood out to me in the battle rounds when he sang "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn so incredibly that I thought it was his song. His falsetto is CRAZY good and he further proves each week that he's good enough to win the entire season. This past week was no exception. He sang his own slightly EDM version of "Somebody I Used to Know" by Gotye and Kimbra, which is certainly a song that we all used to know. Not only did his falsetto shine as usual, he pulled out these deep and strong notes that I didn't know he was capable of. I dunno guys, this dude is mega-talented and even if he doesn't win, I don't expect that this will be the last I'm talking about him.


  1. Omg those mules were only $35? I'm dying to get a pair! And I actually really disliked Girlboss in the beginning but I grew to like it – I binge watched it all in one day hahaha. I've had the book since it came out but I have yet to read it...


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