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New YouTubers On My Subscriptions List

I probably spend more time watching YouTube videos than I do watching actual television. It's been this way for quite a while, at least a few years. It's not even just content creators who I'm subscribed to. I watch videos in my suggested videos section, things that I find on social media that pop up in my feed, or even just hours upon hours of interviews from late night talk show hosts and their silly games. I subscribe and unsubscribe from channels every few months. Sometimes my mood shifts and  I become uninterested in certain video topics. I'm constantly seeking new YouTubers to watch and new channels to discover. I like beauty channels, fashion channels, vlogs, humor, anything that keeps me entertained for whatever amount of time. These are just the channels that I've subscribed to recently or somewhat recently!

1. Lydia Elise Millen

To watch for: luxury fashion hauls, come shopping with my vlogs, and a really cute fiancé and cat.

2. I Am Choquette

To watch for: luxury fashion hauls, long chit-chatty videos, and the most perfect aesthetic.

3. Lizzy Hadfield

To watch for: street style inspired videos and chill vlogs.

4. Cody Ko

To watch for: funny videos and calling out gross internet comedians

5. AmandaRachLee

To watch for: fashion hauls and bullet journal videos that will make you wish you could do calligraphy.

6. Coffee & Cashmere

To watch for: vlogs and New York themed content.

7. Kallie Kaiser

To watch for: LA style videos and lookbooks, hauls, and a sprinkling of beauty videos.

8. Mark Ferris


9. What Olivia Did

To watch for: a sprinkling of everything–books, beauty, fashion, chit-chats, anything under the sun!

10. The Sorry Girls

To watch for: fun DIY videos.

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?


  1. Ugh I love Cody Ko. Kendall Rae is one of my all time fav Youtubers!


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