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Warehouse District: Cathy's Creamery

Cathy's Creamery is a constant in my life. And by constant, I mean a constant craving that I have to continuously squash so I don't gain six million pounds. When I first downloaded Uber Eats, Cathy's was (and still is) one of the few dessert places listed. Food, I could not care less about. But dessert? Dessert is my passion. Dessert is my everything. Dessert is something that keeps me awake at night. People have a sweet tooth and I, well, I have a set of sweet teeth and–when given the opportunity to have something sugary–an insatiable hunger for all things dessert related.

One one particular weekend night at around approximately 10 PM a few months ago (this time isn't important, I'm just trying to set the mood, ya feel?), my roommate and I decided to make the plunge and get some decadent ice cream sandwiches from Cathy's on Uber Eats. Since that day, there is at least one day a week where we scroll through Uber Eats and have the conversation of whether or not that day will be the day that we cave and order another ice cream sandwich. We're usually strong and resist the urge, but just know that it's always a tough decision that we tend to second guess.

Well, yesterday was not only the day of giving in, but it was also the day of visiting the motherland of ice cream sandwiches in Cleveland for the first time. We've no doubt walked past it before, albeit in the dark and a little bit tipsy (West 6th is a stretch of bars, essentially), but we finally visited during the day on an empty stomach and during a long walk exploring downtown.

Cathy's has milkshakes too, but knowing me and my intolerance to massive amounts of dairy, that just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. So, my roommate and I braved some gourmet ice cream sandwiches and prayed to god that they'd end up being portable. Spoiler alert: they were. Honestly, there's something weirdly satisfying while also being slightly gross and unsanitary about eating while walking outside in a city. It's certainly not the first nor the last time that I'll engage in this, so really, I just call it practice. We got our spoons and a little mini bag to hold our ice cream sandwiches in while we meandered around downtown for what could potentially be the last time ever but I'm not going to think about that because that's a horribly sad truth that I am not ready to face.

Location: 1300 West 6th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113
What to get: Ice cream sandwich with the chocolate brownie cookie and cheesecake ice cream 


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