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Positivitea Cup Twenty-Five: Words of Wisdom...Inspired By Elle Woods

It's no secret that Elle Woods is my absolute idol. The blonde-haired, pink-loving, best-dressed and clever young law student (turned lawyer) is iconic. One of my favorite posts from last year was Seven Things That Elle Woods Taught Me, so I figured it was time for a second edition of that. With a new semester starting for many (and some their last semester ever) or new jobs and beginnings, I figured we could all use a big dose of Elle Woods in our lives.

Elle Woods taught us all to not let anyone tell us we're not smart enough. We're all incredibly capable and intelligent human beings, even if it's in ways that are not societally common. We don't have to be incredible with numbers or tightly weave complicated sentences with words from the deepest depths of a dictionary or thesaurus. We shouldn't let other people dictate our level of intelligence or let their words affect us in such a way that would discourage us from pursuing what we want.

Just because people have preconceived notions about you doesn't mean you have to get stuck on them. Sometimes, though it's easier said than done, we need to separate our thoughts from people's thoughts if they don't align. Just because someone thinks of you in a certain way that may paint you in a negative light in their eyes doesn't mean you have to abide by it. You know you the best. Somebody's else's perspective of you through their own eyes may not match yours. Don't let it affect you.

Liking characteristically "girly" *vomits* things and having feminine interests does not make you vapid. Do not let people underestimate you because you like nail polish or are interested in fashion or because you talk in a such a manner that people look down on you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with caring what you look like or about aesthetics.

It's cool to help out other girls. #GirlPower, am I right? Elle had her sorority sisters, Paulette, Brooke, and down the line, even Vivian. There's nothing wrong with lending a helping hand or offering a shoulder to somebody. Life isn't this big, massive competition where we all need to be pitted against each other.

And, perhaps one of the most important sentiments in the movie that I will talk about time and time again...have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Stay dedicated, work hard. The hardest thing in the world can be putting faith in yourself, but believing in ourselves is one of the best things that we can do.


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