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Dream Closet, Vol. 25

We're creeping closer and closer to the beginning of spring. Hell, it feels like spring in Cleveland right now (thanks, global warming). In usual shopping and retail patterns, stores are starting to stock up on their spring clothing, starting with some resort pieces before they most likely dive straight into full-fledged spring fashion early next month. 

My monthly scroll through Net-A-Porter (okay, so maybe I was looking last night at some of their final sale pieces...) was much more colorful this time around. The pages of new arrivals were flooded with brightly colored and shoes and bags, plenty of crepe and silk to go around. For a brief moment, some of the cold-shoulder pieces and cut-out dresses made me yearn for summer, until I snapped back to reality and remembered that fall is where I thrive.

Regardless of my seasonal preference, there are a lot of gorgeous pieces out in this world that I wish I could have sitting in my closet right now. Or, more realistically, on a rolling rack because I literally cannot fit a single other thing into my closet at the moment. Or my drawers. It's becoming an issue...


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