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1. Prada glasses

I answered my own question I posed a couple of weeks ago on my blog. Should I get new glasses? The answer, as it turns out, was yes. Or at least, I made the executive decision of "yes." I had an eye exam set up for my trip home this past weekend, mostly to make sure that my prescription didn't change and so I could get another contact fitting so I could get myself another supply of those as well.  In the back of my head, I knew I wanted a new pair of glasses, but I didn't intend on finding what might be the perfect pair for me.

My standards for glasses are very high. I have a big head in general and my big nose (it's okay, I know it's there. It's very hard to miss), which severely limits what frames I can and cannot wear. I tend to stray from anything that isn't massive and that doesn't have even a slight cat-eye. I also stray from dark or completely black frames because the color is too heavy on my fair skin and light hair. I tend to go for something "patterned," hence why my first pair of glasses that I could wear in public were a pair of brown tortoise shell glasses.

When shopping for new glasses, I didn't want to get anything that was too similar to the pair of Kate Spade glasses that I already have. I strayed away from browns, which left me pretty limited. Or so I thought, at least. This pair of Prada glasses were one of the first pairs I tried on while my mom and I were waiting for our appointments. I think I tried them on about six times just to make sure that they were what I wanted because they were definitely a splurge for me. But sometimes, especially with me and my high standards, you just know what's the right fit for you.

These are the perfect size on my face. They're definitely bigger than my Kate Spade glasses, which is a plus for me. The bigger the better for my face size and structure. I love that they've got a bit of color to them. Mixed in with the black and white is a gorgeous burgundy shade that, surprisingly, goes with much more than you would expect. They fit so comfortably on my face and the best part was that I didn't have to wait for them to be shipped to the store because they had my lenses in stock at the store. Twas an exciting purchase indeed!

2. La La Land

If you know me at all, you would know that I am not great at watching movies. I rarely watch new releases, let alone anything besides Legally Blonde when I'm feeling a little blue. I think the only time I ever used to see new movies in theaters was when the next part of The Hunger Games movies would release. For me to see a movie within the time period that it's in theaters is incredibly rare for me, especially movies that seem to be buzzing in the box office and winning awards left and right. Quite frankly, for my interests, those movies are usually a little #Snooze for me. Take no offense to this, movie lovers. I am a mere peasant in your presence with my marathoning of Legally Blonde three times in one week because I was feeling a little blue.

I digress, I saw La La Land on Sunday and it changed my life. I don't think anybody is any stranger to what this movie is and who it stars, but just incase you're more film-sheltered than me, I'll give a little low down. La La Land stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, AKA the perfect couple from Crazy, Stupid Love. It's a modern day musical set in LA where Mia (Stone) is trying to make it as an actress and Sebastian (Gosling) is avidly trying to open his own jazz club. Their dreams, naturally, are setback by the the competitive nature of the city they live. Still, they find each other and inspire each other to do the things they love the most, which, of course, has its downfalls and failures.

It's honestly a beautiful story with equally as incredible cinematography, music and performances. I mean, Ryan Gosling does his own piano playing for godssake. You can tell that Emma and Ryan put in incredible amounts of work to make this movie as well done as it was. Plus, the soundtrack is out of this world. I've been listening to it repeatedly, at least twice daily since Sunday.

3. Laura Mercier translucent setting powder

For about a year and a half, maybe even longer, I've been using my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette to set my foundation and concealer. I was having some oil issues with my new foundation (which had since been solved before I got this powder) and so I toyed with the idea of trying to set my foundation with something else. I used to use regular matte pressed powders religiously before I got the Hourglass palette. Then, I got accustomed to that extra bit of glow that the Hourglass powders gave my face. But sometimes it's time to try new things out, even if everything else is still working in your favor.

I've been recommended the Laura Mercier powder for a while now, not only through beauty Youtubers, but through friends, family and co-workers. I finally made the plunge around Christmastime and picked the translucent setting powder from Sephora just to see what difference it would make on my face. And to be truthful? I LOVE IT SO MUCH. So much. I never thought I would see a day where I wasn't setting my foundation with a stupid (just kidding I take that back I love you so much Hourglass palette) $62 powder trio. I just love that I have the option to mattify my skin or to keep it a bit more dewy and natural looking. Sometimes, if I feel like my face is too flat or dull, I just dust on a tiny amount of the Hourglass powders (all three mixed together) to just add some dimension to my face before I contour and highlight.

This powder sets my under eye concealer so well as well as just locks my foundation and concealer into place. I haven't had any issues with skin irritation or noticed any weird patches or creasing, either. It just wears really well on my skin and keeps all of my makeup set in place, just how I like it.

4. Too Faced Melted lipstick in Chihuahua 

I've talked about these lipsticks a while ago on my blog. Two of my favorite spring shades are from this range from Too Faced. However, I haven't purchased a new one in a while, which is why I am eternally grateful that Hannah found me worthy of three new minis. I've been slowly but surely testing all of them out, but the first one I want to talk about is Chihuahua.

First and foremost, if you're unfamiliar with the Melted liquid lipsticks from Too Faced, basically, they're what they sound like. You squeeze the tube and through the soft sponge applicator, the product diffuses. Chihuahua is the perfect dusty mauve shade. It has just the right amount of pink and brown to make a really gorgeous nude shade. Nude, at least, for me. I have skewed viewpoints on lipstick shades as anything that's not a bright red or dark plum is nude to me.

These aren't the most long-wearing lipsticks in the world, but they do a great job at staying on while still being extremely comfortable to wear. They don't dry down completely matte, so they're really what they sound like. The apply like a liquid lipstick, but instead of drying down into a matte stain, they sit on your lips like a normally demo-matte lipstick would. It's a really fun formula and I love all five of the shades that I have. If you're looking for a typical liquid lipstick from Too Faced, I would try out the Melted Mattes. I even talked about Lady Balls from that range a couple of weeks ago in a Things I'm Loving post.

What have you been loving lately?


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