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Cleveland Bucket List

I've lived in Cleveland for a majority of the past three years, sans my winter and summer breaks home during my first two years of college. Despite being an unofficial Northeastern Ohio resident, I've barely scratched the surface on what I've seen in the area, let alone the whole state. I've still yet to visit Columbus and I doubt I ever will. It's probably for the best. I've heard their shopping is incredible and I've been told once or twice that I have a shopping problem. I'm saving myself with that one.

  • Visit the shops in Chagrin Falls
  • Brunch in Ohio City
  • Go inside the Museum of Art, not just outside to snap photos for a class project
  • Go to Opening Day for the Indians
  • Visit the Cleveland Zoo or Aquarium (because I'm still a child)
  • Drive myself to Little Italy for dinner and deal with the confusing and cramped parking
  • Walk around one of the Metroparks
There's a whole list on Cleveland Scene about 100 things that every Clevelander must do. But since I am not actually a Clevelander, I feel better about my list being so short. I love my little nook of downtown and while I haven't done a lot of things on the list, I've had my own fun in Cleveland and that's all that matters. But damn, would I like to at least pop into the shops in Chagrin Falls...


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