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On Tolerating Winter

If Winter and I were in a Facebook official relationship, the status would be "it's complicated." Similar to my relationship with free time, I don't get on very well with winter, but it's also essential to my sartorial side. I could never live somewhere where there wasn't all four seasons. I need winter, spring, summer and fall (And I now have "You've Got A Friend" by Carole King stuck in my head, thanks, self) in my life. I don't know what I would do if it was hot all of the time. I hate the heat! But I also don't think I could live anywhere where it was cold all of the time. I hate the cold! Despite this, I can't live without either of these weather extremes. I would go crazy.

Despite the rising temperatures this winter, there was a period of bitter cold that tried so hard to make me miserable. Sometimes, it succeeded. After living through 21 years on the Great Lakes, I'm not stranger to extreme winters that last a majority of the year. There's plenty of ways to handle the winter, whether you like it or not.

1. You don't. Just kidding! The key is to not let the weather bring you down. Cold weather can sometimes lead to gloomy days and I know that if there's no sunshine out, it really is a mood killer. Sometimes you just have to make it til you make it when it comes to this part.

2. Layers on layers on layers. The one good thing about the winter time is that you finally get to wear all of your cute sweaters and thick scarves and cool coats at the same time. The only way to sartorially survive without losing a limb or two to frostbite is to take all of your favorite pieces and literally just stack them on top of each other until you're a fashion forward marshmallow. Arm mobility is not necessary, unless you're operating a vehicle. In that case, sit and wait until the heat in your car is blasting full force and then remove the necessary layers.

3. Don't be too proud for a hat and gloves. Just don't be that person. I used to get lectured by the police officers directing traffic downtown when I would walk home from work for not wearing a hat and covering my ears. I was just a mere teenager, too proud to ruin my hair. I learned quick, though, and always kept a knitted beanie and a pair of warm gloves in my bag or pocket for moments where it felt like the windchill was legitimately burning my face. Not a fun experience.

4. Embrace the hot drinks. I spend exponentially more money at Starbucks and coffee shops during the winter than I do in the summer. Sometimes I go just to have a hot drink in my hands, not because I'm hankering for some caffeine (though that urge usually plays a small part, too).

5. Never leave the house. This is rarely an option for me, but if I have a rare day off and the weather is looking bleak...I just stay in all day. I'll change out of my pajamas into a slightly nicer set of lounge clothes (AKA clean leggings and a Bow and Drape sweatshirt) and accept the fact that I am limited to the confines of my apartment for the day. It's all for the greater good of my body and not getting whipped around by the cold winter air for absolutely no reason.

What's one of your winter survival tips?


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