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1. 10 Outfits for Winter Weather There's something so chic and classic about Jessica's style that I adore. Plus, I swear, she always has the cutest hats and coats! I guess those are two necessities in Chicago winters...

2. Moons, Stars and Lucky Charms Those red booties with that leopard coat? Incredible. I've also loved a pop of red against leopard print, but usually mine is through a red lipstick.

3. Book Recommendations I'm also trying to set myself reading resolutions for this year, so any recommendations I can find I'll take!

4. Feeling Neutrals I love the combination of a long camel coat with a pair of sneakers. Such a fun way to add a bit of casualness to an outfit.

5. Why I Stopped Caring About Being Cool Such a good read, especially as someone who has also desperately tried to be "cooler."

6. 4 *New* Ways to Wear Your Old Turtlenecks Do I see the word TURTLENECK? I can hear my roommates sigh from hundreds of miles away.

7. The Blogging Balance I love the idea of looks being reinvented. Seeing old looks vamped up with a new piece or two? Love!

8. Two Women on Being Called “Ugly” An interesting discussion, I think!

9. 12 Instagram Accounts to Unfollow in 2017 Sorry, Man Repeller just had some damn good content this week!

10. If You’re Freezing, You’re Layering Wrong Everything Leandra touches is gold, I swear.

What have you been reading lately?


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