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Dream Closet, Vol. 22

When I was blog planning for October, I nearly forgot to include my Dream Closet post for the month. What a sad month it would be without my monthly scroll through Net-a-Porter, sobbing over beautiful clothing that costs months upon months of rent. As hard as it is to focus on the pricing, I just adore fashion. I love seeing new looks, designers' takes on trends, and spotting trends within fashion houses. I love getting more comfortable with these clothes, penning them to designers before I even have to look. I have my own issues with the fashion industry, but I don't think I could ever give up on clothes. To some, clothes are nothing. To me, clothes are art. I was never very good at drawing or painting or sculpting, but I found my art through makeup brushes, felt eyeliner tips, distressed jeans and dramatically ruffled blouses. To me, scrolling through the pages upon pages of inventory on Net-a-Porter feels to me like walking through an art museum or taking a stroll through a guitar strop. We all have our own "things" and I'd like to think that clothes are mine.


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