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1. Stay Warm and Look Cute I think if I tried to wear a crop top in Cleveland cold, I would absolutely freeze, but swap in a regular tank, t-shirt or thin sweater under the same cocoon cardigan and then we're talking!

2. What is Your Outfit Template? It's funny how we all, over time, develop templates for everything. Outfits, makeup, daily routines...we're creatures of habits!

3. A Roundup Of Fall Suede Pieces Under $100 Suede has to be one of my favorite fabrics for the fall and winter season. There's something so deconstructed and classic about it!

4. How to do Velvet Can we take a moment or ten to appreciate that gorgeous crushed velvet midi layered over a turtleneck? Please and thank you.

5. Loewe Barcelona Bag vs. Loewe Puzzle Bag Let's just call it even and be total heart-eyes over both bags!

6. The October Look All I want is 1. Hannah's aesthetic and 2. For Hannah to do my makeup every single day for the rest of my life.

7. How to Give and Take a Compliment I can give a compliment. Accepting compliments and not laughing them off or passing the compliment giver off as ridiculous is where my issues lie...

8. Red Leather She's even rocking my favorite red matte lip!

9. 3 Ways to Wear a Dress Over Pants One day I will style an outfit like this and it will be a glorious, glorious day.

10. Beauty YouTube Channels To Follow Now I currently follow or have followed these gals in the past, but I'm always looking for new channels to fall in love with!

11. How to Wake Up Happy I seriously needs these tips, especially with this rainy weather coming in and waking up when it is still dark and gloomy.

12. Meet the New Cortez Is it finally time for me to join the world of fashion sneakers? All signs are pointing to yes.

13. 15 People Told Me What They Thought of My Outfit Can you hear me giggling all the way from Ohio? I live for posts like this. P.S. if I had New York as my catwalk, I would rock outfits like this on the daily.

14. 5 Ways To Organize Your Digital Life My digital life is growing exponentially by the day. My goal is to organize it in 2017, no matter what!

15. The Teddy Coat I have approximately 10000 coats at the moment, but what's another one, right?

What have you been reading lately?


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