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1. Jasmine Brown Rice

This rice became increasingly more delicious when I realized that I was making it wrong the whole time. Note to self: let water return fully to a boil before putting the rice on simmer. Silly, Silly Fran. Anyways, I bought a huge bag of Jasmine Brown Rice a few weeks ago because I was buying a box of microwaved packets every week and it  just seems much, much cheaper to just buy a darn bag of rice. So, after several failed attempts at trying to make it, I got it right this week and will never look back. It takes a while to cook, but honestly, I love that it's more than enough time to get something done during those 35 to  40 minutes. Plus, it tastes delicious. I used mine with my orange chicken from Trader Joe's, but I also had some with just some salt and pepper that was good on its own!

2. Dance Parties

I always love dance parties, don't get me wrong. I have them frequently, typically by myself when I'm in my apartment or at work. I dance everywhere. Horribly, albeit, but I like to do it. I've been referred to, by a customer to a co-worker, as the one who dances around the store. That's me! But honestly, I've found some great throwback jams that have just had me on my feet more often than not this week. So I highly suggest finding yourself a good dance playlist and just letting your free time, even if it's just five minutes, get the best of you. Ultimate stress reliever, I tell you! P.S. If you need a good throwback to 2006, Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair" has been my favorite this week.

3. Chloe x Halle 

I saw them singing a cover in a link that somebody shared on my Facebook feed and I felt immediately compelled to look them up. The two are sisters from Atlanta, Georgia who started off on Youtube singing cover songs. Oh, and you know, Beyoncé signed them to her management after their cover of "Pretty Hurts" went insanely viral. No big deal. These two are so unbelievably talented (just take a gander at their videos) and have an incredibly cool R&B inspired five song EP called Sugar Symphony that came out in April. If you like Beyoncé (let's be real, who doesn't?) you'll find these two sisters hypnotic, with background acapella arrangements, haunting synth and drawn out vocals. Imagine FKA Twigs meets Beyoncé, somehow managed to be boxed up and tied with a bow into two teenage sisters. Keep an eye out for these two, they're bound to go even higher.

Admittedly, I haven't been using a lot of new products. I've been trying to use what I have, as I probably have too much makeup to begin with. Could I consider that a favorite? Utilizing what I already have? It's partially due to wanting to make good use of the products I've already spent money on, but I am trying quite hard to save my money. I need to start building up a savings account, especially considering come May 15th, 2017 (yup, I signed the lease!), I'll be moving out of Cleveland and getting ready to head into my next step, which I hope is New York City. We'll see! But anyways, an unofficial favorite is taking advantage of what's already in my makeup collection and closet!

What have you been loving lately?


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