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#StyleGoals: Chiara Ferragni

Incase you're somehow unsure of who Chiara Ferragni is, she's the founder and owner of The Blonde Salad, an inspiration and style blog. So, to sum it up, Chiara has the most insanely cool style that I live to see daily on my Instagram feed. There's something so effortlessly cool about her looks. They range from super simple white tees and a pair of denim cut-offs (not without a tai-toned classic Chanel flap, though), to a blush champagne deep v two piece tank and pant set (with a mini quilted Chanel, sense a pattern?) to elaborate and oversized fur coats dyed in technicolor. If there's a common theme within all of Chiara's outfits, it's not minimalism. She's all about color and printed and patchwork. Every outfit seems to have a new handbag included and I just about die every time I see a new one. Plus, she occasionally travels with Samsonite luggage, so I knew I liked her for a reason. All jokes aside, Chiara just has some insanely cool style and I think I would legitimately pass out if I every caught a peek of her closet. If you want to see more of her looks, she posts multiple times a day on her Instagram or you can just check out The Blonde Salad.


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