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Back to School Style

Yesterday marked three weeks until the semester starts for me, meaning that the inevitable is creeping up on us all. Back to school season is upon us and the only thing we can do about it is drop out. Kidding. Don't do that. I mean, unless you really feel passionately about it and it would be best for your health. But we won't get into that. I, Francesca Gariano, am not starting a revolutionary to throw our middle fingers in the air to higher education.

I continuously joke about taking the first week of classes to establish my fashionable dominance on campus. Well, I say it's a joke, but I think the chances of me being serious are high. I bring the big guns out during the first week of classes, showcasing my favorite outfits in that five-day period. Maybe it's not a dominance thing. Maybe it's just a confidence thing. Maybe it's both. The world may never know why I do the things that I do, but back to school outfit planning is important to me, one way or another. I already have a few of my outfits planned for the first week, but no decisions will be made final until I see the weather report. However, here are a few ideas if you're struggling to figure out what to show up to class in during the first week. Keep in mind that I will walk around campus in chunky heels and and lipstick so dark it could be black, so I'm not exactly all that interested in being a low-key dresser. Proceed with caution. But full force ahead if you're a go big or go home dresser.

Am I telling you to wear a nice blouse with a pair of completely ripped up high-waisted shorts? Yep. Yes I am. One of my favorite outfits that I will be breaking out as soon as the weather cools down is my pair of heinously ugly distressed and frayed Levi's with a silk blouse from Elizabeth and James. Mix and match moods and tones, friends. Do it. Embrace it. Fashion has no rules.

This is more of a reminder to myself more than anything else that I should start wearing more olive green. Kidding. It's a great flattering color that steps away from black and white while still remaining in the neutral territory. Paired with brown suede and gold accessories and you're all set to impress (yourself) on campus.

This an outfit I am not nearly cool enough to wear, but I wish I was. Maybe I should give it a shot, if I ever make the plunge and buy a pair of fashion sneakers. Anyone else could rock this look easily, though, so I highly recommend giving it a try. Too hot for jeans? Swap it out for a pair of distressed jean shorts!



  1. Love your back-to-school looks! This makes me wish I was still in college, ha!
    Xx, K


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