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College Post Roundup

I've done countless posts about college, college life, college necessities, style, and everything in between over the course of my past few years blogging. As I'm ready to start my fourth and final year of college, I figured I would round up all of my favorite/most useful posts thus far. There are plenty of more in my college section, but these are the ones that stood out the most to me. If you or anyone you know is in need of some sort of guidance, hopefully one of these help!

1. Four College Necessities to Get Before the Semester Starts
2. Positivitea Cup Eight: Advice for Incoming Freshmen
3. Roommates 101
4. Top Five Must Haves On Campus for a New Semester
5. Balancing Work and School
6. College Advice #4: Time Management (& Bonus Tip for Student Bloggers!)
7. College Advice #3: Financials
8. Fall Semester Pep Talk & Goals
9. Fall Semester Checklist
10. Advice for College Freshmen #2: Managing Your Class Schedule
11. Advice for College Freshmen #1
12. Things You Don't Realize You Need In College
13. Must Have College School Supplies
14. Staying Healthy In College
15. What You Should Do During Class
16. How to Handle Online Courses
17. The Anatomy of a Good College Paper
18. How to Remain Motivated on the Weekends
19. How to Motivate the Unmotivated
20. Managing Your Time in College
21. First Day of Classes Jitters
22. Personal Touches for Bleak Dorm Rooms
23. Francesca's Focus: Advice for Move-In Day
24. 5 Things You Need If You're Dorming
25. Dorm Organization
26. Francesca's Focus: College Prep
27. Stocking Up for Your Dorm
28. Miscellaneous Dorm Essentials
29. Dorm Essentials - Furniture
30. 10 Things Every College Girl Should Have
31. Tips for the Sumer Before College
32. Mistakes From My First Year of College
33. Note-Taking For Dummies

Happy almost beginning of the semester! *crying emoji*


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