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Five Beauty Looks to Try

This could be alternately titled as Five Beauty Looks That I Should Try, But Never Will Because I Am a Creature of Habit and a One Trick Pony Who Is Physically Incapable of Being Adventurous With Anything But My Lipstick Choice. But we'll just call it Five Beauty Looks to Try for short.

1. Color Correcting

I am just too damn lazy to do this, but I am the type of person who should be doing this. I have insane amounts of redness (thank you, acne, my old friend) and dark circles (thank you, sleep, my enemy). Honestly, getting sleep for me is like me running into Harry Styles onto the street casually: it never happens. Color correcting has always been a thing, but my god, I swear it's like every single beauty company was contractually obligated in the summer of 2016 to push all of their color correcting products to start this huge revolution.

2. Highlighter #GetThatGlow

Nobody needs to ask me twice to wear highlighter. I once forgot to put highlighter on and genuinely debated going to the drugstore or even make the trek to Sephora to get one just so I didn't have to go without it that day. I suffered through it, but I never made that mistake again. I never want matte skin again. I want to glow. I want my cheekbones to be so highlighted that the light reflects off of my face and can melt metal.

3. Cut Creases

I tried and failed to do this once upon a time when I was wearing my beret and a really cute turtleneck/jumper dress combination back back in the winter. It was when Zayn Malik's "Pillowtalk" single came out. I still have the Snap Story from that day saved on my phone...I digress, I wanted to do a cut crease so bad and I just can't. I can't do it. I'm the worst. It looked like I got punched in the eye for saying something stupid. If anyone saw me they'd nod and be like "ah, yes, Francesca finally got what she deserved..." But truthfully, I see these on everyone else and they look incredible and much less like "hey I just got socked." So I'm keeping this on the list because if they can do it, so can you. And maybe me. I'll try. Or I'll have someone else try and I'll pretend.

4. Facial Contouring

Facial contouring? That just sounds gross. I should've just said contouring, but that just seemed too short. I'm literally shuddering at facial contouring but I'm going to leave it because I think it's funny. Anyways, that aside, I love me a good contour. I want my cheekbones so chiseled that they could cut glass. I want to break diamonds with my jawline. I want to rival Harry Styles' with his jawline that I swear to god is as strong as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. For a simple contour, all you have to do is apply your contouring powder in a 3/E shape on your face: your temples, in the hollows of your cheek, and on your jawline. Start light and gradually build up so it's not muddy and so you can blend it out more naturally. Take some bomb selfies. Embrace it.

5. Liquid Lipsticks

I literally cannot go on Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, whatever it may be without being bombarded by liquid lipsticks. I like them as much as the next person. Hell, I love my Kat Von D ones so much that I would literally sell my soul for the whole range. I'm not even going to mention the liquid lipsticks that everyone is obsessing over because I just can't get past the fact that there is an equivalent that is more available and comes in more colors and is insanely cheaper with the same exact formula. But don't get me started. Not that you did. I got myself started. Okay, I digress, liquid lipsticks are the only thing I want matte on my face. Like, I don't mess around with lipsticks that aren't matte or at least semi-matte. I'm just not about that life.

What beauty looks do you want to try out?


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