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The One With The Ice Cream Sandwich & Red Sox

Yesterday was the most chill day since Tuesday when it came to activities. We were gone all day, sure, but we really didn't do a lot. We caught the trolley that took us over the the water again, but instead of exploring the harbor, we headed to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market because we didn't get a chance to go on Thursday. We shopped around, melted in the extreme heat and just killed some time before the Red Sox game that night. 

The last thing I wanted to do in Boston was to find this food truck. I had seen it the day  before on the trolley but it wasn't at a stop so I couldn't just hop off in the middle of a route. The same friend that recommended Mike's Pastry to me said I should try out an ice cream sandwich from this truck, so since she is clearly the most trustworthy when it comes to sweets in Boston (those cannoli were life changing), I knew I had to find it. I thought this truck was supposed to be parked somewhere else yesterday but during a little stroll around the market, I saw it parked near the carousel and wanted to cry. I got The Salty Dog, which if I remember correctly was two salted caramel cookies with turtle ice cream on the inside. So. Good. So melty, but so good.

My first outfit yesterday was a dress from No Rest For Bridget, which I picked up on Thursday evening. I'm wearing the same Quay sunglasses and Kate Spade purse. On my lips is Glossier's Generation G lipstick in Jam and on my feet are a pair of Sanuk sandals.

After we had some lunch at Bertucci's down at the market, we took a trolley back to our hotel and just spent an hour or so chilling in the air conditioning before we went down to Fenway to watch batting practice. In true Francesca fashion, I had a bit of an outfit change. I changed into my new Zara t-shirt, switched my lipstick to Glossier Crush and traded in my dress for a pair of distressed high waisted demin shorts that I made myself. I've always wanted to try Del's (which is probably weird, I know) so I was pretty stoked that they sold it at Fenway (which you can't tell by my face). It was hot and humid and I pretty much just wanted to lay down in front of the misting fans the entire time. The Red Sox lost but hey, at least I got to experience "Sweet Caroline" in a city that actually appreciates the song.

We're heading back home today and god, I am excited. Vacations, I've decided, are just not my thing. Looking forward to going back to Cleveland tomorrow and work on Monday. Peace out, Boston. See you later!


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