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The One With City Tour & Harvard

Alas, a full day in the city! My family and I spent the day trying to cover as much of the city as we possibly could. Generally, we avoid touristy sort of activities in cities that we visit, generally because we're staying with family or close friends when we go away who know the city well. However, since Boston is (almost) entirely new to us, we had to resort to embracing the tourist way. Since it's hard for my dad to get around by foot and the city is just too big to try to cover every single area by foot, we ended up opting for one of the "hop on, hop off" tours that took us around Boston and Cambridge in a really spacious and breezy tour bus. So after breakfast at The Thinking Cup on Tremont (I got a chocolate and nutella croissant!), we headed to the Massachusetts State House to pick up our tour bus for the afternoon!

The ride was really comfortable and breezy. Our specific tour had over a dozen stops around the North End, Back Bay and Fenway area of Boston. It also swung around to Cambridge to cover the MIT area and Harvard Yard, which was a fun addition, I think!

We got off at one of the first stops on the tour down near the harbor. My mom and I never got to the water the last time we were in Boston, mainly because it was November and it was freezing. Down by the water isn't exactly the first place I'd want to be when it's already cold enough outside. We basically just walked around a bit by the water before picking back up on the tour bus. It was a really fun and easy way to get to explore! We could get off at any one of the stops that we wanted to and just had to make sure to get back to that same spot to just pick up a new bus.

I wore the same Tahari nude sandals yesterday that I did the day prior. I paired them with a Virginina Witbeck (from Oliver NYC, though I got it at Cleveland Consignment Shoppe) and Coach scarf (also from CCS). I carried my usual Kate Spade crossbody and my Quay mirrored lens sunglasses! On my lips is the Glossier Generation G lipstick in Crush, as well.

My family parted ways when we got to the Fenway Park stop. My dad and brother got off to take a tour of Fenway Park and get lunch at Wahlburgers. My mom and I continued on the bus tour because I had this weird desire to go to Harvard and at least see the campus. I think it was my inner Elle Woods kicking in or something. Maybe the young Rory Gilmore in me...Regardless, we came, we saw, we conquered. I walked around Harvard Yard saying "What, like it's hard?" repeatedly with my lavender latte that I got at Crema CafĂ© on Brattle Street. 

My mom and I picked the tour bus back up in Cambridge and made our way back into the city. We ended up stopping at Lewis Wharf so we could make the short walk over to Mike's Pastry on Hannover. We ended up getting quite a few cannolis, one of which we ate right at the little bakery (it was espresso). We then walked from that area of the city back to our hotel, which really only ended up taking about twenty minutes.

We spent a little time resting up in the room, waiting for my dad and brother to get back from Fenway and Wahlburgers. After they got back, my mom and I shopped on Newbury while we worked up an appetite for dinner. We ended up only stopping into No Rest For Bridget and Zara because I really don't need new clothes, but I can't resist a chance to shop cute little boutiques and Zara. I just can't. After that, we just headed back to the hotel to eat dinner as a family and retired back to the room to get some rest.


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