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1. How to Wear a Blazer As a Dress I'm absolutely obsessed with the idea of a long, oversized blazer acting as a risqué dress for women. So chic, so edgy, so sexy. #Goals

2. Fall Wardrobe Staples We are gradually getting closer and closer to fall and I am not-so-gradually getting more and more excited. It's not secret that I hate summer, so the faster we fast forward through it, the happier I get.

3. Places You Don't Need to Bring Your Phone Sometimes I swear that my phone is glued to my hands or inside the pocket of whatever I'm wearing. Yikes!

4. A Trajectory of Your Life, as Told by Your Eyebrows I wasn't allowed to over pluck my brows as a child or teen, so mine has always sort of resembled the unruly pre-teen brows, with a little more control now. Still hilarious though!

5. #SpreadTheSoftness With Splendid I'm all for this idea, without a smidgen of doubt.

6. Madrid Travel Guide I was a wee little seventeen year old on a school trip when I went to Spain and didn't get to experience nearly enough of these, so I suppose it's time to go back, isn't it?

7. Psychedelic I love the bold, mixed prints and insane pops of color of the two top pieces. And paired with just a pair of simple denim shorts? Amazing.

8. The Chatroom: Karlie Kloss Literally, Karlie Kloss is an actual angel and it would take a lot to make me think otherwise.

9. How to Dress Up a Casual Outfit Sometimes I think I struggle with dressing casually, but maybe I'm just always casual and don't even realize it...I digress, I love Carly Cristman's style so, so much.

10. A Single Girl’s Guide To Easy (And Healthy!) Weeknight Dinners Ya'll know I can't cook, but still, a girl can dream.

11. 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer on a Tight Schedule Tips that I should definitely start implanting into my life before summer is over...#OneMonthMore

What have you been reading lately?


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