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The One With The Boat & Crying Over Valentino

No actual tears were involved in the making of this blog post. This blog post, however, is fueled by three different caffeinated beverages, a lot of candy and a stroll down the high-end designer portion of Newbury Street.

Our day yesterday started off a little slow. I hardly slept the night before so I was wide awake at around six in the morning, completely unaware that we weren't leaving until ten in the morning and not any earlier. I took my time getting ready and we got a little bit of breakfast before heading toward the ferry to take us to Martha's Vineyard. Checkout was at 11 and we couldn't check into our Boston hotel until 3, so we figured we might as well take advantage of our afternoon and explore Massachusetts a little more.

We took the ferry into Vineyard Haven Harbor so we could explore Tisbury for a few hours. Martha's Vineyard was on my mom's bucket list and it's always fun to do things that Emily Gilmore has done. All jokes aside, it was gorgeous. Definitely a good place for us to spend the afternoon, especially since we truly had no other plans until we checked into our hotel in Boston later in the day.

The weather was absolutely perfect. It wasn't unbearably hot where we were sweating or sweltering in the sun, plus there was constantly a gentle breeze keeping us cool in the sun. I wore an outfit that was recently on my Instagram account because I figured it'd be perfect for a New England day by the water. My white t-shirt is by Rag & Bone (but I got it at Cleveland Consignment Shoppe). The shorts are from American Apparel, which I got literally like six years ago on sale and just recently started wearing again. My shoes are by Tahari, my bag is Kate Spade, the bag scarf is Coach and my sunglasses are by Quay.

Basically, all we really did was wander around and pop into a couple of shops. It was just nice to have a relaxing day somewhere quiet when the weather was perfect. I, of course, stopped into the little independent bookstore (Bunch of Grapes Bookstore) because I love bookstores and just really needed one more book just incase I needed entertainment for the car ride back and I finished Aziz Ansari's book by then. I ended up picking up Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler because that was on my original to buy list before the trip and I couldn't find a copy anywhere! We got lunch at Waterside Market, which was incredible. They have really delicious, hearty sandwiches (seriously, the ciabatta rolls were to die for) and marble tables so really the aesthetic is just out of this world inside. I got the BLT, though I did peel the tomatoes off because I don't eat tomatoes and just get too embarrassed to order a BLT without them.

After we ate, we walked around some more and retreated to the water so we could wait for the ferry to arrive. My brother and mom walked around on the sand while my dad and I waited in the port authority. I started to read a bit before we headed to the ferry to take the forty-five minute ride back to the Cape. 

We headed straight from our parking garage to make the hour and a half trek back to Boston for the second leg of our New England vacation. Now, the last time I was in Boston, it was for a really short period of time back in November of 2012. My mom and I got to Boston incredibly late on a Friday night because we had to wait for either soccer practice or one of my soccer games. We left straight from there and made the long drive over to Massachusetts, oddly enough to the hotel we're staying in now! We woke up early on Saturday and I had one early tour, an afternoon off and then a late afternoon college tour at another school. We squeezed in lunch and a stroll around the Emerald Necklace, Newbury and Boylston street, and walks through the Public Garden and Boston Commons between both college tours. After that, we ate dinner near the hotel and probably headed back to our room so we could relax after a crazy weekend. We walked a little bit of the Freedom Trail on Sunday morning before exploring a little bit around the Quincy Market area. We left Sunday morning and basically had the shortest possible weekend in Boston ever. We've been dying to go back and finally got a chance to this summer!

We started off our Boston trip  with dinner at the same restaurant my mom and I went to a few years prior, MJ O'Connor's Irish Pub. I just got a simple grilled chicken salad and mashed potatoes because I was hungry and didn't want to mess around with anything super new. After dinner, we took a nice stroll through the Public Garden and moseyed on down Newbury Street so I could get myself a coffee. I have a few little places on my Boston to do list and one of them was to get a coffee at The Thinking Cup. I ended up getting an iced hazelnut latte that was so stinking good that I wish we had one back in Cleveland. I also kind of maybe freaked out over all of the designer store fronts and maybe just went a little too hard outside of Valentino. Even if the stores were open (we went late), I would never have the courage to walk in. Never, ever, ever. For now, in my life, I'm just stuck on the outside looking in and I'm okay with it.

After the coffees, I retired back to the room because I had had a pounding headache since around eleven in the morning. So, I finally got some headache relief after around ten hours with a headache. Then, I started to write this post. Now we've come full circle! Not sure what's on the agenda for today, but I guess we'll all see tomorrow!


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