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Massachusetts Haul

I, thankfully, didn't do as much shopping on vacation as I thought I would. This is a bit disappointing for the shopaholic in me, but every other part of me (the responsible, money-saving and pragmatic Fran) was quite proud that I resisted the urges Newbury Street caused. I did pick up a few bits, both before and after the trip. Can't totally break the shopping habits. I have to take it one step at a time.

As for what I picked up before the vacation, I got two of the Glossier Generation G lipsticks, one in the shade Crush and the other in the shade Jam. On the same makeup wavelength, I also finally picked up a new tube of my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the shade Trooper because my life was sorely lacking my favorite liquid liner. I also got the Urban Decay De-Slick oil control makeup setting spray. I used to use it a lot in high school and thought it would come in handy since it has been so hot and humid and my makeup has not been loving it.

Books were a must-have purchase pre-departure. With two eight hour car rides and down time in the hotel, there was no way I'd be able to make it without the help of some books. I actually picked up five books before I left, but I only brought three of them with me. At my favorite bookstore, The Book Corner, I got Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz. I also picked up Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell at Barnes and Noble as well! I ended up reading both Saint Anything and Fangirl on the drive from Niagara Falls to Cape Cod, which left me with only one book to get me through the drive from Boston back home on Saturday. Yikes.

The first thing that I picked up on vacation was at a bookstore in Martha's Vineyard. I actually had all intentions of picking up this book before I left for vacation, but neither store I went to before we left had it and I wasn't keen on picking up yet another hardcover book. It's partially the price, but it's mostly based on the fact that I just find paperback books more comfortable to read. However, I truly wanted to dive into this book, so I snagged myself a copy and eagerly awaited the day I could read it. It ended up being the second book I read on the drive back home and it was well worth the twenty something bucks I doled out for it. Thank you, Sweetbitter, for not letting me down.

I resisted all urges to go to Primark, but I couldn't say no to Zara or No Rest for Bridget. A co-worker of mine recommended that boutique to me and it truly reminded me of the boutique I work for here. They actually carry a lot of the same brands, which made shopping a lot easier! I was familiar with the quality and fit of a majority of the garments. I ended up getting two pieces from that boutique, one of which I wore on Friday, which you can check out in the first half of this post! It's a black and white   printed dress from the brand En Creme and it had the cutest tulip hem in the front. It was super comfortable and I actually ended up sizing down in it because the arm holes are quite wide and drooped down a bit too low in my normal size. The second piece I picked up was this white and light blue striped draped shirt with bell-sleeves. I actually wore this yesterday and, honestly, I might be a bit too obsessed. I always forget to buy tops and this actually inspired me to start buying more shirts. It's so flattering and cool and easy. Totally breezy, totally easy to style. All around, a very flattering and good purchase.

I popped over to Zara afterwards and couldn't spend that much time there. Not because I didn't want to, but because the store was a disorganized mess and was making me a bit antsy (also, I had to meet my dad and brother for dinner). I did manage to snag a few adorable pieces while I was there, though! The first was a t-shirt I wore to the Red Sox game Friday evening. It was a plain white t-shirt with  sequin versions of a jellyfish, french fries and a lightning bolt embroidered on. I also got a little black bandana with cute little colorful doodles on it. Last but not least, I felt obligated to get this dress. My mother hated it, but I could not help but fall in love with quite possibly the quirkiest piece of clothing I own, next to my two zebra scarves and maybe my linen giraffe blouse. Lo and behold, the most glorious dress to ever exist...

Last but most certainly not least, I sort of got a bit giddy when I saw a Uniqlo at Quincy Market. I have never been, despite passing them frequently in New York and telling myself I should go in. It's like monochromatic and simplified style heaven. Very simple pieces in very simple colors and patterns, but very cute (and cheap!). I only picked up one top, which wasn't even supposed to happen. I told myself I was done after Zara the night before, but alas, I broke my own rule and got this striped top because I genuinely did not own one that I liked anymore. It's simple, but it's comfortable and was under twenty bucks. Score!

The rest of my purchases in Boston cannot be hauled because, well, they were all coffee. All of them. Lots and lots of coffee and lattes. I got a lavender latte when I was in Cambridge and it was life changing. I wished I had a picture of it to show and a whole pitcher of it to bring back...


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