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7 Signs That You're Getting Old

Now I know I'm not "old." I'm twenty for godssake! And yet, things keep happening and all I can do is groan and complain about how old I'm getting. Feeling achy? I'm getting old. Slightly emotional about something? I'm just aging like fine wine. Don't understand some sort of colloquial term? #OldOldOld. We're all getting older, that's for sure, but the pure dramatics behind it is what makes it even funnier. These are some things that I notice that make me feel really, really old. 

1. Your younger brother graduates from your alma mater and you have no reason to step foot into that school again. 

2. You look at David Beckham's sons and feel gross afterwards #Cougar #TooYoungForDavid #TooOldForBrooklyn

3. Question marks might as well appear over your head when a new term or meme pops up on social media (still wondering if I'm using "lit" correctly...)

4. You bend down and work and have to use all of your strength to get back up

5. Resisting the urge to spend all of your money on silly trinkets that only collect dust in your house or apartment

6. You fawn over babies/cats/dogs/whatever your life if destined to contain and cannot control the heart eyes that pop up on your face

7. Wine...lots and lots of of wine


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