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Positivitea Cup Four: New Months

Happy June, everyone! I love looking at life in a series of new events. There are always new days, new weeks, new months, new seasons, new years...I think you get the gist! There are so many opportunities for new beginnings in our lives when you look at it that way. We have the opportunity to wake up after a good night of sleep (hopefully) and start fresh if you so desire. I like to go into new months with a fresh mindset based off of what happened in the month before. Did I sleep enough? Did I treat others with kindness? Did I treat myself with kindness? The ends and beginnings of new months are a great time to reflect!

For me, May was a month of gogogo followed by a two week relaxation period. Now I know that June will be a month that is chock full of gogogo and a busybusybusy lifestyle that may or may not have me begging for a day off. But sometimes (read: more of the time) I love that constant feeling of being busy. Even when I feel insanely busy, I know it's just work and family time this time. There's not any added pressure from classes that make me want to burst into tears. Sometimes we get busy and we just have to embrace that!

New months are also just a great time to think of all of the fantastic things that are coming up in the next few weeks or what could pop up. You could have concerts or a list of restaurants you want to try to even just a trip home or elsewhere planned. For me, I have two more trips home, an Andrew McMahon concert and who knows what I'll be up to on my own time in Cleveland. The possibilities are endless, right?


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